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    Max out lifespan of active speakers

    Hello there, so as one of my active speakers recently showed signs of electronics failing (currently being checked by manufacturer) i wonder if my doctrine on caring for them was correct. I don't remember where i got it from for it prorblay was like 10 years ago but back then i was made to...
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    Does MA 1 play well with Neumann KH 150 on a non-DSP Neumann KH 805

    Hello good folks, I'm really sorry not to have found something on this and my local shop couldn't help me right away: Will I be able to benefit from using the MA 1 corrections on a KH 805 + 2x KH 150 combo? And should i measure the Tops without the sub or with the sub in the chain? I guess...
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    Fix Neumann KH 120 a or get new pair of KH 150 a (when i already own a KH 805)

    Hey there, thanks a lot for your replies so far. I was hoping that all this might have been a bad dream but the noise just got worse so now the speaker is disconnected. I'll probably fix the speaker just because i want to appreciate the service Neumann offers and i couldn't bear to just throw...
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    Fix Neumann KH 120 a or get new pair of KH 150 a (when i already own a KH 805)

    Hi there, this Morning i walked by my trusted KH120A speakers and noticed a relatively low but noticeable sharp crackling sound coming from the tweeter of my left speaker. I bought the pair in 2013 and had it powered on for 95% of the time as that's what i was recommended in order to avoid...
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