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    Focal Clear Professional Review

    I too am in the minority here in that I've owned my OG Clear Pros for over 2 years now, and have never once experienced the driver clipping issue. Granted, I love the sound as-is so don't EQ them (although I did experiment with the oratory1990 presets a while ago, but found that I preferred them...
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    Audibility thresholds

    Holy smokes, that was an informative read and I'm really not sure how I missed that thread when searching. Thanks for the assistance gents, very much appreciated
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    Audibility thresholds

    Hi all, new to the forum and pretty new to the world of audio in general. Been a long time lurker and have really enjoyed reading the reviews on the site to gain better understanding of audio reproduction. That said, I've always read the reviews only half understanding a lot of what has been...
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