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    Welcome to the New Review Index!

    It wasn't updated, were implementing required changes (from members comments). Due to unforeseen circumstances i was out of order for last three months. Thats the non updating reason. I will make required changes in a couple of days. Best regards
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    JBL A180 Tower Speaker Review

    @amirm waiting for JBL Stage A190 measurements! ;)
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    JBL A180 Tower Speaker Review

    From repair (service) manual of JBL Studio 190 Low-frequency transducer: 2 x 6-1/2" (165mm) PolyPlas™ cones, shielded (16PR90BX-HW01-E) DC resistance:9.0 ohms ±10%• Mid-frequency transducer: 4" (101mm) PolyPlas cone, shielded (10PR75AX-HW01-E) DC resistance:4.6 ohms ±10%• High-frequency...
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    JBL A180 Tower Speaker Review

    I had A180 though only a few days. Switched them for A190. I cant notice any distorsion in 2-5 KHz range. I found midrange more open and treble calmer while equalizing: reducing lower frequencies (50-200Hz) does it.
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    JBL A180 Tower Speaker Review

    Measurements of JBL Stage A180 from Measurements of JBL Stage A190 from
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    Cambridge Audio CXA81 Review (Sample 2)

    It could have SINAD 100, no ground loop, but not having basic bass/treble controls is simply out of order.
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    WiiM Mini Streamer

    As i received WiiM Mini on May 20th, there was a rolling inside device. Sounded like a small plastic part broken inside and rolling inside case. A few days later when i tried to plug the device in SPDIF port, a broken plastic piece fell out from device. Its not from SPDIF doors, it looks like a...
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    Stepping up the game from Jamo A400 Subwoofer

    Might be slighty out of your budget, but i can recommend Canton PowerSub 8 or PowerSub 10:
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    JBL Stage A130 vs A180

    Exactly. For A190 they say "The mids are really clear and colorful here, and the bass is serious. So, if you’re a fan of thumping and bumping music, it could be the best JBL floor standing speaker for EDM available." As i own A190, there is no serious bass and thumping/bumping music, voices are...
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    Your Preferred Amplifier Topology

    Class NoTweeterHiss.
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    Welcome to the New Review Index!

    Its the cache of static files holding the old version of css. Please reload / hard reload the page.
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    Welcome to the New Review Index!

    Please Hard reload your FF page (ctrl+f5). Tested on Ubuntu with 4 FF versions - everything seems to be working.
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    Welcome to the New Review Index!

    Please write your OS and FF version. FF 90.0 - 100.0.2 (64-bit) have been tested on Windows and are working without any errors.
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    Welcome to the New Review Index!

    Sorry for the Android css switch fault. It was a minor dev. glitch with css versions. It should work now on Android / Chromium devices, please perform RELOAD for review page on your Android device and Hard reload for incognito tabs.
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    Anyone using their laptop as a desktop/main PC?

    Im using a laptop (multiple units) as desktop/main PC for work. Its used strictly for programming/php/sql/ and VM, with PS and AI usage. Using Dell U2412M as external monitor via HDMI. I find it easier and more convenient for transporting, moving, adjusting then desktop PC case. Old laptop is...
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    Yamaha R-N2000A network receiver

    no DAB+, bluetooth codecs supported only SBC/AAC... Oh lord.
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    SMSL DO100 Review (Stereo DAC)

    New SMSL DO100 remote control is better then the Topping ones. Better esthetics, grip.
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    Opinions / experience with

    Very professional, friendly, fast customer service. I purchased several products from them. Delivery from France to Croatia in 12 hours (via UPS). Few years ago i had a defective SMSL power supply, they sent new one free of charge. Few days ago i had a defective device (DAC), they answered...
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