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    $30K Budget - On the quest for my "end game" speaker

    If you liked Khorns you should audition Klipsch Jubilees and JBL M2s.
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    EQ in ROON guidance

    Sibilance on male or female vocals (or both)? What does your Roon eq look like now? You might want to try a high shelf filter (usually Filter 5 in Roon is pre-configured as high shelf). You can drag down to adjust the gain and left and right to adjust the frequency where you're dropping the...
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    Post-Pandemic, Return-to-Office Systems

    I went full time remote despite living 20 mins from the office. So my office system is a pair of JBL EON 715's hooked up to a Motu M4 for those times I need to wake up my wife from the office... ;)
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    Replacement 6.35mm Barrel Connector for FX-Audio DAC X6

    These look like a good candidate:
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    Chord Hugo 2 Review (Portable DAC & HP Amp)

    It's ridiculous that a $3k device doesn't have acceptable noise isolation through USB.
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    Topping DM7 8-Channel DAC Review

    This hits exactly the target audience, people doing computer DSP active crossover setups with Roon, Audiolense, Acourate and Rephase. Extra analog and digital inputs for sources would be nice, but not mandatory. This is actually a surprisingly large market, might be enough for me to replace my...
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    Topping DM7 8-Channel DAC Review

    Nice. This is very hard to accomplish with the convolver outside of Roon, which is what you need if you have non Roon sources. It's such a shame Roon hasn't added input sources for RoonBridge.
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    Topping DM7 8-Channel DAC Review

    So pre convolver (stereo source) digital volume with Roon's DSP and fixed volume into the Ultralite output channels?
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    Topping DM7 8-Channel DAC Review

    How are you currently doing Roon volume control with the Ultralite?
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    Tech Support experience with MOTU

    Combine this with their outstanding price/performance and it's hard to go wrong with Motu. I have an M4 for my office setup and an Ultralite AVB for my active crossover system.
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    PRESONUS AudioBox Go

    If you don't have hard to drive headphones a Motu M4 would be a good choice. I drive JBL PA speakers in my office with one.
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    FiiO FD5 Review (IEM)

    Marmalade, I like marmalade. ;)
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    Competition for Danley’s Hyperion

    Those are the real deal M2 horns on the PBN, but he won't disclose where they come from. Read into that what you will.
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    Review and Measurements of Chromecast Audio Digital Output

    I use Roon with a dozen different CCAs playing Qobuz content all the time, sometimes all perfectly synchronized at up to 96/24. I'd be willing to bet the problem is spotty WiFi. I have an Orbi mesh system with really rock solid connections.
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    Compression drivers?

    Find somewhere to audition JBL M2s to answer your question.
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    ICEPower 125ASX2 Class D Amplifier Review

    How do you have Pin1 on the 8 pin signal connector wired? Should be no connection for stereo and tied to ground for BTL.
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    Compact balanced connectors

    I want to second this idea. Neutrik makes some very nice Ethercon D sized panel mounts that would fit nicely in place of 3 of your current XLR connections. Get a length of flexible, shielded, stage grade cat5 and make 3 cables to connect directly to the phoenix connectors on the back of the...
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    USB Audio Interface to Drive Neumann KH750/KH80

    I'd get a M4 and use it as the DAC as well and find another use for the D10s. It has great balanced outputs for those Neumanns. And a pretty transparent volume knob.
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    Any affordable class-d amp with low noise, low distortion, and low gain?

    Run a Motu M2 or M4 as a DAC with volume control into a balanced power amp based on a Hypex nc122mp.
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