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    Anyone read the latest from archimago's take on Stereophile editorial? Linked here:

    There was no connection between KEF and Thiel. The oval thing people here are commenting on is a passive radiator, not a woofer. Thiel started out using custome Vifa and SEAS components. Around the time of the 2.4, Jim embarked on a project of doing his own drivers, because the OEM driver makers...
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    My Problem With Inexpensive Electronics

    I've owned 2 Miele dishwashers, and have relatives and friends who own them as well. We all agree that these dishwashers do an incredibly good job of cleaning dishes. Reviews of these machine say the same thing. I have no idea why yours wasn't doing the job, but one report of a poor result is...
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    Any motorcyclists on this forum?

    I started riding around age 16, prior to driving a car, and pretty much stopped at around age 35. The bikes I've owned: Honda S90-1965 Honda CB77 Super Hawk-1967 Suzuki X6 Hustler-1970 BSA Lightning-1967 Yamaha 750 Triple-1977 Yamaha 750-Seca-1980 Honda V45 Sabre-1982 Did a ton of local riding...
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    NEW PURIFI 8'' MWoofer [PTT8.0X04]

    Where would these be suitable in LX521? The only 8" is the lower midrange, and while this one may work, the ultra long throw is not needed. Besides that, the LM driver has already been updated to a new magnesium cone design with very low distortion.
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    When I worked for Garrard

    Get in contact with this company. They can put new rubber on the wheel for you.
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    Watches! What do y'all have on your wrists?

    Junghans Max Bill
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    Carver Crimson 275 Review (Tube Amp)

    I own one F & P product...a DCS stove. It's built like a tank and works great. It has no computers or timers. The only electronics are the spark ignitors. It's a good product, but the customer service, which was required due to damage during installation, was pretty lousy.
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    What's the speaker of your dreams?

    You're really doing those upper baffles in the hardest way possible. I admire your skills. Mine are simply cherry veneered ply with the wires neatly run on the back of the baffle. Nothing fancy. The Hairball xover works well, and I've used it for a few yrs. I just received and set up the new...
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    What's the speaker of your dreams?

    Why would you have nightmares? They're fantastic speakers. How will you be driving them, and which crossover are you planning on using?
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    What was your first “Stereo” like?

    My first true stereo system was a Garrard RC88/4 turntable with Shure M3D cartridge, a pair of Eico HF12 mono integrated amps, and some homemade speaker systems, the internals of which I don't recall.
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    Which 4499EQ? Owners appreciated

    I have an A22, which uses a pair of 4499's. It's beautifully built and sonically performs flawlessly in my system, which is quite high end. There's nothing in the design or the specs that would cause it to sound "lifeless" (whatever that means). I bought it because it was an open box unit that...
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    Bill Gates ex-girlfriend's HiFi?

    It is a Dual turntable for sure. Which one is anyone's guess. The straight sides on the wood base, instead of inward slanted, indicate either a higher end unit like the 1219, or an older unit, like the 1019. The receiver is definitely a Sansui, anything from a 661 to an 881.
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    MQA Deep Dive - I published music on tidal to test MQA

    Having read through all 34 pages of this thread, I was reminded of a Facebook post that Bruno Putzeys - of Hypex, PuriFi, and Kii-3 loudspeaker fame - wrote way back in 2017 regarding MQA. I don't know if it's been posted on ASR before, but it seems an appropriate time to bring it back up...
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    Sony Esprit

    Had both a TA E 88 and a TA-E900, along with a pair of TA-N900Long time ago. They were beautifully built, and sound quality was very good for the time.
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    Topping D90 Balanced USB DAC Review

    Does the D90 remember your brightness setting and other mode settings when the power is removed?
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    Topping D90 Balanced USB DAC Review

    That's been my experience for a long time. Way back when I was making a lot of money and could write off audio gear on my business, I purchased a Theta Gen Va balanced. This goes back to the mid 90's. This thing retailed for something like $6000, but I got it on accommodation. Still, not cheap...
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    Talk me out of buying an "audiophile" preamp - confirm/deny some myths/assumptions

    Indeed they do. In fact, they are remaking a number of their iconic 60's designs. For example: Of course, the movement is no longer made in-house. They're using a Japanese Miyota movement, which is far superior to what they used back in the day.
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