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    Genelec 8030C Studio Monitor Review

    I don't hear any hiss from mine, my ears about 3ft/1m away from them, in a quiet house surrounded by fields. Edit: Just noticed that if I put my ear right up to them I can hear a hiss, but by the time my ear's 1ft away, it's inaudible to my aging ears. Edit 2: If I put my Apple Watch right up...
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    TRUTHEAR x Crinacle Zero IEM Review

    I just bought a pair with the Black Friday deal. £35 and free shipping to the UK. I have deep misgivings about the packaging but it appears I can't resist a bargain.
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    New Belkin Airplay 2 device

    Thank you for posting this! Quite the bargain. I've just ordered one to collect from my local Argos. I did buy an Apple Airport Express off eBay, for over £30, which has been OK except it only seems to advertise itself over Airplay for a couple of minutes after it's turned on. After that I...
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    Genelec 8030C Studio Monitor Review

    My sub is a BK Electronics Gemini 2, made in the UK. Below is a diagram of the rear controls from the PDF manual. I'm using the low level input. My room is small - 2.5m x 3m - which I'm guessing means I have less need of a sub than if it was a large space?
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    Genelec 8030C Studio Monitor Review

    Thanks all. I'll have a play with the sub and the Genelec switches. Currently I have switches 1 and 5 on - Desktop and -4dB Bass Tilt, because they're 10-15cm in front of a wall, on the desk. Can you explain the gain to me, as I don't see anything in the manual about "gain", and I'm new at...
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    Genelec 8030C Studio Monitor Review

    I got a pair of 8030c's last week and am enjoying them so far. I got the Raw finish which I know some people don't like but which I love. Nicely brutalist, truth-to-materials, and all that. My previous speakers (AudioEngine A2+) were small so the Genelecs look almost comically large on my desk...
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    Most beautiful speakers in the world ?

    My pair of 1990s Blue Room Minipods are currently on shelves that don’t have enough room to use the legs, so they don’t look as good as these:
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    Most aesthetically pleasing amplifiers

    It’s interesting - someone else up there said, while praising NAD stuff generally, that they look “cheap”. To me, the more minimal stuff looks like it’s had a lot of thought and effort put into it - it’s hard to make things simple. Whereas all those big amps with dials and loads of switches and...
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    Help with improving audio quality for iMac

    Just to be clear, there’s the Apple Music streaming service - which is (or can be? I haven’t used it) in high resolution. So if you’re using that, then make sure it’s using high resolution (sounds like you have). And then there’s the Apple Music app, through which you can listen to the Apple...
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    Apple Music LosslessSwitcher app for Mac

    I don't use the Apple Music service and have no connection to this app but just came across it and I figured it might be useful to some folks here... and
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    Vanatoo Transparent One Encore (Powered Speaker)

    Ah, thanks. I assumed that because the little A2+ has USB input the A5+ did too. There is a version of the A5+ with Bluetooth now though.
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    Vanatoo Transparent One Encore (Powered Speaker)

    Another good direct comparison is with the Audioengine A5+ speakers: powered desktop speakers; one main speaker with a cable to the second; USB, RCA, and 3.5mm inputs; RCA output for a sub.
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    New Belkin Airplay 2 device

    I was just looking this up on Amazon UK and the reviews are... mixed 3.9 stars The main complaint seems to be that the output volume is extremely low. Plus various issues with connectivity and setup.
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    How much better is a calibrated setup

    To go back to your original question then, How much better is a calibrated setup? What differences do you notice now?
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    How do I get better at hearing? is fun! I only played the three free games but it was very interesting. It could have done with a little more explanation as to exactly what each game was about - it's a bit in-at-the-deep-end - but you can figure it out. But $25/month, or $8/month is enough...
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    Shenzhenaudio Topping EX5 Review (DAC and Headphone Amplifier)

    I just found Volume Control which allows you to control the volume of or Spotify volume using the keyboard's volume keys. Seems to do the job. Sorry everyone, this has drifted off the EX5 topic - back to normal service! I'm going to have to get out the black insulation tape to cover...
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    Shenzhenaudio Topping EX5 Review (DAC and Headphone Amplifier)

    Yes, I should have said - I’m using SoundSource to do EQ.
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    Shenzhenaudio Topping EX5 Review (DAC and Headphone Amplifier) I think they've all been V0 MP3s so far.
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    Shenzhenaudio Topping EX5 Review (DAC and Headphone Amplifier)

    Thanks - I've never seen this app in all the years (decades!) I've used Macs. It had defaulted to "2 ch 32-bit Integer 44.1 kHz". All else being equal (i.e. no glitches) would should it be? Yes, I can still adjust the volume in an app, but the volume controls on my keyboard only control the...
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