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    300w Pure class A Monoblock search!

    There is always a bit of both. Like most things in life, you get both sides ... whether you want it or not. Like a bad side dish, dont let them ruin your main course.
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    cable burn in hifi world scam

    And lest we not forget, Nasa's burnin is at 125 degrees whereas i seriously doubt cables are :cool:
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    TOPPING HS02 coming

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    Who would you consider to be an Ethical Manufacturer in the Audio Business?

    Not knowing the pro market and therefore basing my opinion on non-pro ... RME
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    TOPPING HS02 coming

    How is that snake oil? Its called marketing. Addressing a market demand. With it you can address both markets. Those that want measurements and those that could care less.
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    Master "deals" (massdrop, ebay, Amazon, etc.) Thread on Audio Product Sales

    Monoprice has their dual 15" sub on sale (39% off) "Monolith by Monoprice M-215 Dual 15in THX Certified Ultra 2000-Watt Powered Subwoofer" Its price is now less than the dual 12" (not on sale) version. Great sub and with the sale, a very good deal...
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    Will consumer audio take over the hifi scene?

    And what would you propose they do with all the excess inventory? Their factory size fits their demand
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    Questions about MINIBOSS PLAYER PLUS

    How do you know you are playing at ~80% volume. Your measuring device says otherwise. Are you talking about where you have the volume knob set at?
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    Emotiva ERC-4 CD Player (DAC) Review

    Another Emotiva technical wonder. Review after review seems to show their problems so poorly designed. Yah, still bitter after my stupid error of wasting money on their XMC-2 POS so just venting Why they are still in business (i know, they are inexpensive) I will never understand.
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    FS: Topping D90 MQA and A90 stack, black, in great shape

    Ebay is not the best place to get a reference for used pricing. USAudiomart it much better IMHO. The going rate for the a90 is $270-$290 that includes shipping and pp fees. How i know is i just sold mine today
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    TPA3255 integrated amp

    That link does not work for me
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    @Multicore You seem like a smart, sensible person and have been here long enough to know. You are not allowed to have a difference of opinion otherwise you will take a ration of shit. BTW - I am in 100% agreement with you. Not jumping on your case. If someone happens to have the resources to...
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    emotional female vocals

    This immediately comes to mind - Concrete Blonde - Joey
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    $30K Budget - On the quest for my "end game" speaker

    Sorry @MKR for all the derailment in your thread. Love for it to get back on track You know by now this is ASR normal. Its especially embarassing when people with an agenda (products or beliefs) are here to ruin it for you
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    Ferrum OOR?

    Wait for @SpeleoFool to respond. He had one and posted his review here on the board. If i remember correctly, he just recently sold it so it would be good to get his input
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    Zidoo Neo S Owner Observations

    I did want to comment on the eversolo z8 post as i think there is something that needs to be mentioned. Assuming (I dont know for sure because i dont have an eversolo to check) it is an andriod based system, the vu meters are standard. Meaning, they are a part of the OS, not the box. Every...
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    Zidoo Neo S Owner Observations

    I do very much like the zidoo and would recommend it for those that have the space. i find it's combo video and audio file management capabilities are a bonus for those that can use them. I still say the zidoo app is behind what matrix provides but it is closing the gap. They are not like other...
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    Zidoo Neo S Owner Observations

    I'd love to tell you differerntly, but there is no difference. Zero. None. Nada The replacement for me was feature set and the ability to handle dlna, which the mini i pro3 does not do. I have moved the zidoo upstairs and replaced it with the new matrix element i2 which, again, has no...
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    AMP for Hifiman He6SE (preferably DAC+AMP like the DX7 Pro)

    violectric v590 and v380 for a dac amp combo
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