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    Polk Reserve R200: Spinorama and measurements (a really nice surprise!)

    I was asking myself the same question, did research and ultimately went with r200. I adore them. Whatever you choose you cant really go wrong, both look nice and sound good!
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    Polk Reserve R200: Spinorama and measurements (a really nice surprise!)

    the price is double of regular r200. r200 price was 750 euros(probably 750 dollars in america) in europe without discounts. this new ones are 1600+ dollars. it is a different speaker at this point, should've been named r250ae or something
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    (Europe) Master Deals Thread on Audio Product Sales

    Can you clarify? what is virgo?
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    Stereo speakers/monitor for a desk and a DAC

    Kali Audio LP-6 v2 - this is a good choice
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    Revel M16 Speaker Review

    Wow, good comparison between speakers Fuzziekiwi, lots of good info, just what i was looking for!
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    Again: Best sounding (hifi) speakers for my tiny desk

    If i wanted actives i would probably choose lp6 v2(capable and affordable), if passive r200 or arendalls(i settled for r200, desktop speakers nearfield, after a loooong research, i specifically wanted passives)!
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    Polk Reserve R200: Spinorama and measurements (a really nice surprise!)

    Im also curious about that! I have r200 and have them set up as desktop speakers for my pc, nearfield(hehe kinda overkill but i wanted big sound) they are quite nice! I also paired them with monolith ''10'' subwoofer( not really needed, but sub gives deep bass for movies and effects in games)
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    Subwoofer Advice ~2600 USD

    I like best bang for the buck and would go either double svs 3000 or double monoliths thx 13(that would rock your house foundations)!
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    Battle Of Budget XLR Cables

    Lot of good info here :)
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    Topping L50 or Monolith THX 887 ? or...

    It does indeed! I have it in black. of the 4 color options i think black and red looks the best..
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    dac/amp comb for hd660s and r200

    As far as speakers go, stretch yourself and get the best speakers you can afford, they are not a component you change often, they can last a looong time so the money is well spent, especially if you will be using them a lot!
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    Check the new Aiyima A300 balanced amplifier out!

    Interesting, has everything i want. Now we need some measurements!
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    Topping PA5 Review (Amplifier)

    Yep, definitely do please.. :)
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    First listening impression of Topping pa5.

    Yeah im using Monolith 10 thx sub, connected through sub out on a receiver( not sure how to make it activate only below certain point Hz, i think it is working constantly)? On a receiver i got bass and treble management it is on 0 then i can go lower or higher..
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    First listening impression of Topping pa5.

    Can it sufficiently power 86db speakers or something like hypex ncore 250 would be a better match?(for example polk r200, elac dbr62)
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    What do you want to see from Topping..?

    power amp 200+ on 4 ohms, 150 8 ohms, something similar, stereo(something matching hypex ncore specs with good cooling). maybe with sub out or two, volume knob..
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    What budget speakers you like to see reviewed?

    audio advice is selling them. finally someone is reviewing them. just saw joe n tell got some for review.
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    USB A->B cable - max length without lowering signal quality or adding jitter in DAC? There is a guy here, he ran some tests and there are some errors that show up on longer usb cables. Not sure if those matter or not.. Here is what he wrote: I used a Lecroy Mercury T2 USB...
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    (Europe) Master Deals Thread on Audio Product Sales

    My receiver has sub out (Panasonic sa-he100). But i will move to separate parts configuration so then i will use rca from topping e50 for sub and balanced for amp, if that is doable, if not i will need to buy some stuff that allows 2+1 (not sure if i can use receiver as preamp will need to study...
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