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    How come Kii Three aren't in the measurement index?

    It hasn't been measured by Amir, only Erin: Use the spinorama site for speaker comparisons, all the ASR data is posted there along with spin data...
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    The Death of Windows 10

    It is trivial to use Windows 11 without a TPM...still keeping my main machine on 10 until the upgrade is warranted
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    Pros and cons of Bridged configuration?

    Hypex NC2K module, or an amp containing such a module, for example: if you need big wattage w/o going into the professional PA/home theater rackmount type stuff (which usually doesn't...
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    All-in-one headphone amplifier recommendations

    Missed that bit :facepalm:
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    All-in-one headphone amplifier recommendations

    If you don't have a low budget, there's always RME ADI Pro
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    Thanks ChatGPT, Couldn't Have Said it Better.

    Most of us ignore those :)
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    Pros and cons of Bridged configuration?

    I believe some manufacturers have been bridging the Purifi 1ET400A modules although Purifi does not expressly suggest this. Thermals are the main concern here and with adequate heat exchange perhaps most of the existing modules can pull it it off. But it would simply make more sense to buy NC2K.
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    best high end headphones (budget 3k)

    Do you plan on using headphone dac/amp in conjunction with your speakers in the same setup (as a source/preamp)? If so, what model/are they active or passive? Do you need to be able to listen to your turntable via the headphones too, or do you want the headphone setup completely separate? Would...
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    Simplest Way to get Tidal to Genelec 8361

    Seems like an option as well, the Wiim solution is just the most simple with one device and the most economical at $150. I think people like it because of the integration and option to control from any device like a phone; other similar streaming options have a much higher cost of entry. With...
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    Simplest Way to get Tidal to Genelec 8361

    Wiim Pro has coax out, perhaps you could just connect to it directly using an appropriate cable?
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    best high end headphones (budget 3k)

    Well, at least quote me in full. You left out my clear qualifier of "If one has an unlimited budget". Well, in this case, $3000. In what situation do you anticipate needing to use more than 3.4W per channel of the RME, let alone the 4.8W of the A90..? For most, giving up that 1.4W of power is a...
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    best high end headphones (budget 3k)

    Some people simply enjoy spending money on things they enjoy doing, even if it is not required to have a good time. In many hobbies it is common that spending high amounts of money means you can get a better experience, so when both of these align its a win-win for the consumer and...
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    best high end headphones (budget 3k)

    If one has an unlimited budget, ADI-2/4 Pro SE at $2500 is clearly a better choice than buying a Topping stack. These are double OP's budget.
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    If you had to choose in each price range...
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    Neumann KH120 II

    I would say KH 80 already has that spot, considering it is more or less on par with 8030C at ~80% it's price.
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    Do network streamers need to be expensive?

    Many of the big name streamer OSes are more alike than different these days. In the past certain OSes may only have had access to certain streaming platforms (maybe only 2-3 of them) but these days there seems like there is better compatibility across the board. With many you often had to choose...
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    Do network streamers need to be expensive?

    An old laptop is fine if you only sit down to listen to music in one fixed location, maybe if you're in a small room where it is in arms reach and your circumstances never change. Wiim is more practical and a much better experience for most people because you can control it from any device...
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    "Non-Vented" IEMs? Is this a thing?

    There is less need for seal if DD is involved, since that will usually be taking over the LF duties anyway and more able to compensate for loss of gain via leakage.
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    Kef LS50 OG for 475€ - a steal or still overpriced?

    Good price. Compare with alternatives like Polk R200, Kali LP-6v2 or maybe get lucky finding used KH 80? The first two will have more bass.
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    why Nilai500 when cheaper NCx500 out performs it?.

    I agree, for those that have access to both it will mostly come down to price. Nilai has less noise, marginally better distortion figures through more of its operational range and maybe technically flatter FR (ncorex seems to have a negligible 0.25 dB rolloff from 10khz), Other than some design...
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