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  1. Shazb0t

    Cable RCA / Jack for SMSL SP 200 THX 1 / LG G7 Think

    Fair enough, misread. I changed my recommendation: Or
  2. Shazb0t

    Cable RCA / Jack for SMSL SP 200 THX 1 / LG G7 Think

    Something like this: Also this:
  3. Shazb0t

    Mid-range open-back headphone suggestions

    If you're happy with your current Audio-Technicas, perhaps the ATH-R70x is worth a listen?
  4. Shazb0t

    Elac Uni-Fi 2.0 Review (bookshelf speaker)

    Despite the obvious strawman that is your argument, did you just ignore the part where measurements actually showed the resonance?
  5. Shazb0t

    AKG K702: a valid alternative EQ to Harman Curve for you to try

    I have an older Austrian made Q701. I can't remember if consensus from the past was that they were just rebaged K702s, does anyone definitively know? If so, I'd be interested in giving your EQ a listen.
  6. Shazb0t

    ~$100-$200 Closed Bluetooth Headset Recommendation

    Went with the Anker Soundcore Q45 based on Rtings: Pretty good features for the price and it sounds okay for what my coworker was looking for. It does have EQ available in the phone app as well which is nice. Thanks...
  7. Shazb0t

    ~$100-$200 Closed Bluetooth Headset Recommendation

    I'm in search of recommendations for a coworker who would like a closed Bluetooth capable headset which has good sound quality for music listening, but also an included microphone so it can perform double duty in Teams meetings. If there was something like an AKG K371-BT with a microphone that...
  8. Shazb0t

    Elac Uni-Fi 2.0 Review (bookshelf speaker)

    Let us know after you've purchased at least 30 pairs, tested them, compiled the statistical results, and made them available for free on the internet. Then you can complain.
  9. Shazb0t

    Ascend Acoustics Announces New Klippel NFS-Optimized Sierra Towers and Horizon Center

    @amirm Curious about your thoughts on the vendor provided NFS measurements.
  10. Shazb0t

    Speaker cable advice

    I've been using this as well for years with no issues.
  11. Shazb0t

    Ascend Sierra 2 Speaker Review

    The crossover from the RAAL tweeter to the midrange driver in the Sierra Towers is ~2kHz.
  12. Shazb0t

    Ascend Sierra 2 Speaker Review

    Yea, they just released the V2 tuning of the Sierra-2EX optimized with the NFS: There are additional NFS measurements on their webpage. They're selling this new V2 version and...
  13. Shazb0t

    Ascend Sierra 2 Speaker Review

    Those measurements don't look "really not very good at all" to me. They're very similar to the ones Amir made of the Horizon, which was recommended: I would expect them to measure...
  14. Shazb0t

    Why are there so few omnidirectional speakers?

    How many instruments have radiation patterns that are omnidirectional?
  15. Shazb0t

    Magnepan LRS Speaker Review

    You guys are silly. Do you intentionally feign ignorance on how a Kilppel NFS measures the sound field? What are you implying is not being captured by a 360° bubble??
  16. Shazb0t

    Is purchasing B&W 702 S2’s a bad idea?

    The directivity errors exist regardless of how you think. You seem overly agitated regarding others clearly fact based opinions, something to think about.
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