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  1. Chrispy

    300w Pure class A Monoblock search!

    160wpc into 8 ohms is "robust"?
  2. Chrispy

    What is the difference to play 80Hz SINE signal with 80 dBZ SPL between Large and Small speaker?

    Because they're too small to generate the necessary spl generally. Very hard to deal with comparing subjective feelings or what you consider common sense. Bigger speakers are just generally better IMO, I'd rather have bigger speakers in smaller rooms than the other way around.
  3. Chrispy

    What is the difference to play 80Hz SINE signal with 80 dBZ SPL between Large and Small speaker?

    Curious, what is the point of this exercise, to determine the smallest possible speaker to "fill" the room to the OP's satisfaction?
  4. Chrispy

    Dennon x3300 vs x3700

    You changed the sensitivity level as well? Sounds like you could lower the gain somewhat on the amp tho, you have plenty of room per the results (or just leave it alone). What do you mean max volume on what avr?
  5. Chrispy

    What are we listening to right now..
  6. Chrispy

    Why haven't subjectivists and objectivists met to do a live ABX test?

    Yeah I can see audiophilia being addictive. Consuming is an addiction of many.
  7. Chrispy

    Recovering from bad audio investments

    Are your 18" subs right up against the back of your seat? That might help with tactile sensation. Maybe tactile transducers mounted in your risers and/or seating....maybe just more subs.... ps could just be your expectations of a room in a home to act like a vehicle's cabin....
  8. Chrispy

    Integrated or AVR - Cinema 50, Onkyo, Other - Dirac, PreOuts

    Since it takes a doubling of power to gain merely 3dB spl advantage, get at least 400wpc for a significant difference.
  9. Chrispy

    HIFI POWER CABLES - a thought

    I was referring to the "higher end" speaker wire and interconnects.
  10. Chrispy

    How to improve dynamics? Transients and punch.

    Sounds normal :) You sure with good recordings you have an issue at all?
  11. Chrispy

    How to improve dynamics? Transients and punch.

    Is it with particular recordings or across the board? That's the first place to get dynamics etc. Speakers next.....and the B&Ws can certainly be improved upon.
  12. Chrispy

    How do you listen to Digital Files?

    Variety of devices (laptop, pad, phone, avr) and thumb drives. Mostly my own files, but use spotify and pandora on occasion. No dedicated streamer box, tho.
  13. Chrispy

    HIFI POWER CABLES - a thought

    I'd guess Luxman and Accuphase are simply accommodating/mollifying their nuttier customers.
  14. Chrispy

    Less time on ASR for the foreseeable future

    Best wishes to you and your dad.
  15. Chrispy

    Bitches Brew

    Not to mention the artwork is exceptional
  16. Chrispy

    Bitches Brew

    I'm not good with labeling music types of all sorts, I even have trouble with very basic desciptions of types. I've always considered it jazz, tho and it came along with my rather late discovery of Miles Davis' stuff outside of Kind of Blue (but that can be said for me and jazz in general...
  17. Chrispy

    Would an external DAC add sound quality to my system?

    FWIW the Sony DCAC isn't very good room correction software....
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