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  1. luft262

    What's the last word on audio cable?

    IMHO the $50 spool 12awg cable from Amazon will be just fine, but if you already bought "better" cable it's cool. Use it! Just don't buy more in the future. Placebo affect is real. It's why better looking speakers "sound better". Which is OK. We just have to accept it's all part of it and move on.
  2. luft262

    If you had to choose in each price range...

    You didn't list a price range. Also, that's a mix of active and passive speakers. If it were me I'd just get the Revels.
  3. luft262

    advice on setting up 2.1

    1. Get a Umik-1 and download REW for free on a PC laptop. 2. Play with speaker placement, sub level, and crossover until you get a flatfish/preferred frequency response.
  4. luft262

    What brand is the "Benchmark" of speakers?

    I agree there isn't really a "benchmark" but Revel, Focal, and KEF come to mind as brands that have consistently good reviews and products, but there are many other good ones and many brands have multiple good models along with multiple bad ones.
  5. luft262

    Probably, my 2.1 system

    The way he makes it sound he's not willing to get a different sub or a 2nd sub and he's set on one of 2 speakers. If he wants better speakers he should consult soioniramas wherever he can find them. If not I still say he just picks up the cheaper of the two. Since he's not using Rew or a...
  6. luft262

    Probably, my 2.1 system

    If you're dead set on one of the above speakers and/if neither has a spinorama then I'd get the cheaper of the two since you already have a sub, low extension is irrelevant and there is no objective way to know which sounds better without eq...
  7. luft262

    Probably, my 2.1 system

    My advice... 1. Use to get the best measuring speakers you can afford 2. download rew and get a umik 1 then play with speaker and subwoofer placement to get the best FR you can 3. *potentially get a 2nd sub, as 2 are much better than 1 4. get some sort of dsp, probably a miniDSP...
  8. luft262

    Center Channel vs Back Wall Placement

    I believe in Floyd Toole's book they tested phantom center vs a center channel and listener preference was much higher with an actual center channel than with phantom center even when seated in the ideal listening position, but don't quote me lol.
  9. luft262

    All about that bass

    If you get a Umik 1 and REW you could show us the response of your subs to help with recommendations. That would be the best next step IMHO.
  10. luft262

    Breakup/Crackling When Using Wavelet?

    I'll try the limiter. I can increase the volume with both my phone and the knob on the amp. Should I set the phone volume at max and adjust the amp from there or lower the phone volume?
  11. luft262

    Breakup/Crackling When Using Wavelet?

    On some songs when using Wavelet I hear a crackling or breaking up that doesn't occur if I turn it off. Is this just due to the EQ pushing the headphones into distortion or is there something I'm missing? I'm using Sundara headphones connected to JDS Atom Amp/DAC connected to android phone via...
  12. luft262

    How much slope over house curve/frequency response curve do you prefer?

    I see various preferences as far as house curves and preferred frequency response curves in room, using REW (usually) and I'm wondering what slope or lack thereof most people prefer? Thanks for your input.
  13. luft262

    Do You EQ Speakers Above About 500Hz?

    I'm curious if people are using EQ at the higher frequencies where speakers dominate the response instead of the room. Or are they cutting the EQ (automatic or manual) off at the lower frequencies. I've heard mixed things about whether or not it's good to EQ at higher frequencies unless the...
  14. luft262

    Headphones Advice

    Just curious, but what are your personal favorite headphones?
  15. luft262

    2 way passive speaker on its side as a center channel?

    I know. But some people might have a small family and/or only a spouse who either doesn't care about the audio or basically sits on axis anyway. I just wanted to know if there were tertiary issues with mtm other than off axis. Some people might even live alone and not care about other seats, but...
  16. luft262

    2 way passive speaker on its side as a center channel?

    If a person directly on axis are there still problems for that person with an MTM design?
  17. luft262

    Help a newbie to pick the most appropriate amplifier

    Just get the Wavelet app and download the EQ profile for your headphones then tinker with the EQ to taste. It'll be a lot cheaper than a new amp...I'm in agreement that a more powerful amp won't improve your headphones bass.
  18. luft262

    What is it about McIntosh?

    1. They look pretty. 2. They're expensive.
  19. luft262

    REW vs Spinorama

    So basically the EQ would most likely have fixed some of the flaws, but not all of them, and it would be difficult to impossible to know which flaws from the spinorama had been fixed and which ones hadn't by just using basic REW measurements. Meaning EQ is a hell of a lot better than nothing...
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