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    What’s Your Triangle in Stereo Speaker Listening?

    9' all round has offered the most spaciousness while retaining imaging in my main system in the recreation room. (Isosceles in the living room to achieve WAF :))
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    Best Integrated Amplifier for PSB Alpha T20 Speakers

    I have to agree that it shouldn't matter which amp is used if the speaker presents an easy load to drive. In fact, I have replaced my Threshold 400A power amp with an 11 year old Denon AVR and won't go back. Well, I might replace it with a newer one to take advantage of more current Audyssey...
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    Shelves for acoustics and player

    On a more serious note, I would first put the stylus down on a stationary record and turn the volume way up. If there is no howl from feedback, you're good to go as is. If there is, the simplest (and cheapest) solution is to buy a 14 to 16" bicycle inner tube, partially inflate it, put a board...
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    Great recordings of classical music

    Hahaha I'm in good company then. What is interesting to me about the multichannel experience is that it is so subtle when you first start listening that way, but the more you listen the more indispensable it seems, given the choice. I began with a cheap used Denon AVR, and sold my Threshold 400A...
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    Great recordings of classical music

    This interpretation is Very satisfactory and, of the 170 or so multichannel recordings I have, perhaps has the best recorded quality of sound. It is easy to believe you are sitting in the best seat in the house of a live concert. I'll listen to it in stereo to hear if it's as believable and...
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    Great recordings of classical music

    I have all of these recordings, and more, and still contend the Sanderling as one of the best, though when I want to wallow in the sound, I play a version I ripped from my collection which has Ben Heppner from the Bernini recording singing the heldentenor songs and Janet Baker from the Haitink...
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    Great recordings of classical music

    I urge you to try Sanderling’s Mahler too, particularly Das Lied von der Erdle.
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    PSB Avantini Measurements

    Yes, an early version with the octagonal woofer, probably between ‘75 and ‘77. While the bevel is useful on later models, reducing diffraction at the edges, felt around the tweeter is perhaps more important. I once cut felt insoles up to place around the tweeters of other tweeters, but any cloth...
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    PSB Avantini Measurements

    About the Luxman, is it possible that it may have a dirty switch, or two? I use at least 2 old products whose switches I have to spray with electrical cleaner now and then because the sound begins to break up, buzz, or stop completely. A temporary fix is to turn the switch on and off many times...
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    PSB Avantini Measurements

    Hey, Pete, You'd be surprised by how well those old PSBs perform despite their age. Those Philips drivers age well. I was a PSB rep from '80 to '82, and still own and use a pair of the original Alphas, which were a car loudspeaker, on my wife's TV because they sound so much better that the TV's...
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    Genuinely hilarious comedy

    I don't know how many times I've re-watched the original, British, ensemble cast of Death at a Funeral, and despite the luke-warm reviews, it continues to be one of my daughter's and my favourite movies of all time. We laugh every time, and I rarely re-watch a film...
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    PSB Avantini Measurements

    I wouldn’t worry about that 20kHz dip. It’s likely beyond your hearing and, besides which, is off the main axis, though that one at 5kHz might be noticeable because it’s on the main. Fortunately, we are less sensitive to dips than bumps. As a thrift store find, you are a lucky man. That Luxman...
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    PSB Avantini Measurements

    You might find this supportive.
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    Toole Blind Cartridge Comparison

    From Audio Scene Canada August 1980, a blind screen comparison by Floyd Toole of 2 MCs and a MM which I decided to add under its own thread rather than at least 2 others to which I might have added it.
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    Need to replace my tweeters on Infinity Primus 360 Tower speakers

    Nearly did that myself, that is, ordered from them, but it meant sending them my tweeters, their repairing them, and sending them back. It's still a good choice.
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    Need to replace my tweeters on Infinity Primus 360 Tower speakers

    The tweeters in those speakers are the weak link. Harman has run out of stock, but they were cheap when available and expensive aftermarket. I bought a pair of smaller bookshelf P series speakers and took the tweeters from them. As in many lines, the tweeters are often the same model to model...
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    Female Vocals: Stunning Recordings You Love

    A wonderful performance:
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    Why did the review index remove the preference score with a subwoofer?

    There is also which includes the even more important, to me, graph of listening window + sub.
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    Great orchestral / symphonic organ music which challenges your hardware

    A few very good recordings of organ with orchestra. The Atma recording is also available in SACD. There is also an SACD recording of the Poulenc/Saint-Saens with Oliver Latry which I’ve listened to in stereo, but not multichannel, which is excellent.
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