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    Trinnov Altitude 16 Review (AV Processor)

    The A16 tops out at 24/96, and not because of the DAC. If you want 192k through the processor to the DAC, you'll need to move to the A32.
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    Trinnov Altitude 16 Review (AV Processor)

    Ravenna/AES67 coming as a free upgrade this year: Trinnov | Trinnov Audio unveils upcoming Altitude Platform changes in 2021 The A16 already has the dedicated network ports (in addition to the one on the motherboard).
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    Review Questions for Flagship Processors: Trinnov, Storm, JBL, Lyngdorf, Datasat

    They announced a refresh program for owners of the Alitude 32 who's five year warranty has now expired (the oldest 16s are just coming up on three years old and so have another two years to go), which can replace parts, the top part of the case and add another five years of warranty. A full...
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    Arcam AV40 AV Processor Review

    It should be perfect operationally. From
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    Marantz SR6014 AVR Review

    Crown amps are typically switchable between 0.77V and 1.4V sensitivity:
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    ATC SCM19 Bookshelf Speaker Review

    Also a thing in Scotland. This place has both. Not tried those, but their fish and chips are possibly the best I've ever had (Cromer #1 possibly beats it):
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    HT Processor Bass Management impact on SINAD

    On a similar vein, I asked Amir if during his Dirac testing he planned on seeing how SINAD was affected. For example, if you set the right-side curtain to say 3-500Hz to limit correction to Schroeder, how is the 1kHz SINAD affected?
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    Arcam AV40 AV Processor Review

    It could be the MK edition. Not Miller Kreisel, but Mary Kay. It would be the Cadillac of processors :)
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    Arcam AV40 AV Processor Review
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    Meridian G68ADV: were AV Processor Ever Good?

    Thank you @amirm for reviewing my unit. Although the photo has Trifield shown, I assume you used Direct mode to avoid all processing. Did you get a chance to change the "HS" to Y? This engages upsampling, and this G68 was updated to the last firmware which added the minimum phase / apodizing...
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    Which speakers are the Classical Music Pros using?

    Not speakers, but a bit of trivia that has stuck with me for a long time now is that Wu-Tang Clan (or did) use Chord amplifiers in their studios:
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    Anthem MRX1120 Home Theater AVR Review

    I think we'll see an update for HDMI 2.1 in the next 12 months, but I'm not sure the 16 channel market is what they'll chase unless it becomes a required check box feature. Given the pricing has been static for over four years, demand doesn't seem to have been an issue so far, but if Emotiva can...
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    Anthem MRX1120 Home Theater AVR Review

    Thank you Amir for reviewing my 1120! I bought this piece back in March 2016, and originally used all the built-in amps. I was curious if I could improve upon this and got a great deal on an ATI AT523NC. I may be being fooled by bias but the sound did seem less congested. Would amplifier SINAD...
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    Anthem MRX1120 Home Theater AVR Review

    The 60 basically removes the amps and replaces them with XLRs, but adds a small amp for the headphone jack (the 720/1120 use one of the speaker amps for this), and uses a slightly better ADC. Otherwise they are identical, and both have the toroidal transformer which the 720 lacks.
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    Which DIY speakers would you like to see reviewed?

    Another local build! Yes, mine are the wide but shallow variant as I thought I'd only have around 14" behind the screen wall. Your description of the ease of build is spot on, and that Erich has the kits and narrow flat packs back in stock makes these even more interesting to measure IMO.
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    Which DIY speakers would you like to see reviewed?

    I'm coming into this late, but I was talking to Amir today about measuring the speakers I built, while handing over some surround processors to test- I didn't know about this thread until now. I built three of the DIYSG Titan 615LX, from the baltic birch flat packs, and would be willing to drive...
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    Looking for an actual quality AVR?

    AnthemLogic has two variations - Music which doesn't use the center, and Cinema that does.
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    Monoprice HTP-1 Home Theater Processor Review

    I have a Meridian G68 you can test if that interests you. Currently evaluating the HTP-1 :)
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