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    Looking for Honest DAC Upgrade Advise

    I did a A/B/x blindtest between the DX3Pro and the E50 and wasnt able to distinguish them in any meaningful way. If you want an audible upgrade it would be something like the Minidsp Flex with Dirac or jsut REW roomcorrectin, if you not already use it.
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    Moondrop Chu

    I like them more than my NC400 for biking and jogging. They are so small that they create a lot less windnoise. So far I havent had any problems with them staying in my ears. As said the cable might be a weakspot though.
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    Quadral Plus Nine or Magnat Signature 707 ? help )

    I have auditioned the Quadral Plus nine (and the 7 and 2 out of that range) against the Aurum Orkan 9 that I now own. The Nine plus are a unique experience. They have definetly less prounounced upper mids and highscompared to the Orkans BUT the base is something else. It fills the room...
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    SMSL DO100 Review (Stereo DAC)

    How good is the remote? Do you have to aim it dierectly at the DAC or is there a bit leeway?
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    SMSL DO100 Review (Stereo DAC)

    That looks great and is even a bit cheaper than the E50 I am currently using in my livingroom set up. Does anyone know whether the SMSL remotes are better than the Topping ones, cause the E50 Remote is annoying me (you have to be very precise in pointing the remote towards the DAC).
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    miniDSP Flex

    I am thinking about get one dierect from the site. So far are there any reports about faulty devices or other problems?
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    Moondrop Chu

    I had trouble to get a seal with any others tbh.
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    Moondrop Chu

    I got the Chu Wednesday and after listening for a bit longer I really like them. Compared to the other cheap IEM's Iown, the CCA CRA and the KZ CRN they are better and more neutral. The CCA has more base and more Highs, but drown out mids while the CRN is....weird. The Chu is the most balanced...
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    Hidizs S9 Review (Headphone Adapter)

    I have the Topping DX3Pro+ and the A50s and in a Blind test roughly volume matched I couldn't determin the difference to a S9 pro. For Desktop use I don't like the s9 Pro for desktop because you have to use the Windows Volume and I rather want a physical button. BTW I compared it with 2 IEMS...
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    Topping LA90 evaluation and discussion (Integrated Amplifier)

    Looks like its meant more to be either a Desktop amp or seen as 2 Monoamps, since the Power in Mono seems a lot better than stereo.
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    thomann t.racks DSP 4x4 Mini Review

    This looks actually pretty great. Am I correct in the assumption that I could create with the REW auto Equaliser and Programm them manual into T.racks dsp and than add one or two subwoofers and eq them seperatly?
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    Amplifier for Hifiman Edition XS

    I have the A50s and the Sundaras with a balanced cable. It does power them very well even with the minus 7 DB from my EQ preset. The only Gripe I have with it is that the Volume Knob is rather small, if that's something that might bother you, you might be better off with the JDS Lab.
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    Any reason to upgrade amp from Denon X3600?

    In that case you are probably done. And if you still have doubts, get an Amp switching device and a Hypex Amp with return policy and try it yourself in a proper Blind test. Its's what I have done and very much to my dismay I didn't hear any difference between the excellent measuring Topping PA...
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    Any reason to upgrade amp from Denon X3600?

    I would not claim I have an idea. I tried Dirac and it was good for my 2 channel System. What I would say is that Dirac WILL make more of a difference than adding a poweramp. I don't know, whether that difference is an improvement, but OP really wants to buy something there is at least a chance.
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    Any reason to upgrade amp from Denon X3600?

    The only audible improvement might be a system with a different room correction. I have no experieces with Audyssey but saw opinions that Dirac is better or to be more precise more capable with more options to fine tune.
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    The Problem with Many Center Channel Speakers (by Erin)

    If I understand the video correctly isn't a Bookshelfspeaker with good horizontal dierectivity (like the Kf R3) actually better than most MTM-Center speakers?
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    miniDSP Flex

    Thank you for answering. It sounds like the flex is the perfect solution for me.
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    miniDSP Flex

    Can any of the ones own the flex tell me how good the remote is. I currently use a Topping e50 and the worst part about it is the remote, which you have to aim pretty much excatly at the DAC, is it similar with the Flex or is more lenient?
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    $100-ish budget dac amp for sundara?

    That is true. I am using the oratory Preset with a minu 7db on the Preamp and I am still only at 65% on the balanced output. I've also seen that the Cables on Aliexpress are actually a lot cheaper. If you want to use EQ it might be worth it to spend the 15 bucks.
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    Any Quadral listeners here?

    I own a pair of Aurum Orkan 9. In the Pricebraket up tp 4k I haven't heard anything yet that comes close EXCEPT the Quadral Platinum+ Nine, which are truly an experience because they have the most unique bass I have heard...but sadly they were way to big for my room. On the other hand the...
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