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    YouTube Audio Reviewer Tier List - Jan 2023 Edition

    I'm missing Dan's Audio Reviews in this thread. Only discovered his channel recently and I think it's very informative. His comparisons of especially IEM's are very thorough valuable. They may not reveal the absolute qualities, but at least you get a very good idea of the relative differences...
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    Qudelix or BTR5 ?

    Well, it could be just me not understanding how the device works. However, I have read some more remarks that the use of the 5K is not exactly intuitive. The issue I have is that most of the time the Qudlix app shows that it's using bluetooth, even when the 5K is connected by USB cable. Using...
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    Qudelix or BTR5 ?

    Can't say anything about solid in the literal sense of the word. I have my Qudelix only since November 2022. However, on the software side of things some things have changed recently. And I do have an opinion on that. At the beginning of this year Qudelix released a new version of the app...
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    7hz Salnotes Zero - the "other" Zero

    I might be missing something. Got my pair in today. And I am disappointed. To say the least. The fit is not ideal for me. I'd say the fit is even worse than that of a pair of old Bose iems I own. And those are bad! I tried most of the included eartips, but the Zeroes never get a nice sturdy fit...
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    Quad ERA-1: Opinions

    The other day I came across the Quad ERA-1 headphones. Until then I never knew Quad made headphones. Turns out they got some mentions on ASR and elsewhere on the net. And in general people seem to like them a lot. One could perhaps say these are a hidden gem. Most reviews and impressions are...
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    Celebrity RIP Thread

    Manuel Göttsching (9 September 1952 – 4 December 2022)
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    Hifiman Edition XS

    I probably wasn't clear enough. My remark was a general one. Not specifically aimed at the K5 Pro.
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    Hifiman Edition XS

    Perhaps a silly question, but doesn't this also depend on the (level of the ) source? I mean, all my ripped cd's from before the 00's (or 90's?) are way softer than modern day music (since the loudness war).
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    TRUTHEAR x Crinacle Zero IEM Review

    I can't tell you. What I noticed (not measured) is that the 'sound' changed significantly when using different eartips. Probably because the relative strength of the bass increased when having better seal. So it all sounded (again, not measured) more even and thus less harsh. And to me more...
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    TRUTHEAR x Crinacle Zero IEM Review

    That was my initial opinion too. Until I started changing eartips that is. That made a huge difference. So far I like them a lot. Haven't come across anything so far with such extension in the bass. Speaking of which, are there any sub €/$ 1000 headphones that have a comparable sound signature?
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    TRUTHEAR x Crinacle Zero IEM Review

    Sorry to report that Shenzhen Audio is not very helpful in this case. The local courier refers me to the sender (i.e.. Shenzhen Audio) to ask for an investigation as the parcel is clearly missing. This is b.t.w. the standard procedure. The vendorr is the first point of contact for the customer...
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    TRUTHEAR x Crinacle Zero IEM Review

    Bought from Shenzenaudio. But it's not them. It's solely GLS, the local (last mile) distributor. Parcel arrived with no issues in the country of destination. And from there at the final hub. It got scanned there. And that was it. Not a single sign of life since then. GLS told me the sender...
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    TRUTHEAR x Crinacle Zero IEM Review

    Would have loved to tell you all how great they are, But unfortunately, after a successful journey from China to The Netherlands, GLS managed to loose my Zeroes when they only had about 30mls to go to get to my ears. Hope one of the GLS employees likes them. :mad:
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    SMSL SU-10 DAC Review

    Thanks for the explanation. It was indeed mostly the PCM I referred to. Never considered this to be a logo. I won't hear that 0.00001% difference in SINAD. But I will see that display each time I look at the device.
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    SMSL SU-10 DAC Review

    For a $900 product they better have a look at the fonts used.:eek: Or at the UI in general.
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    AKG K712 Pro Review (Headphone)

    I like mine. No EQ, just connected to a Topping DX7Pro. Think they're comfortable too. Perhaps it's because a lack of 'training' or maybe my hearing is bad. But to me these just sound fine.
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    Topping RC-22 (how to open)

    I managed to open it with a tiny screwdriver that I once got with a 2.5" HDD enclosure. After opening the RC the whole thing basically fell apart. No big thing, but I wouldn't call it consumer friendly. Adding the screwdriver in the box would be helpful, as it's not a regular size. Anyway, the...
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    What are we listening to right now..

    Love this song! Basically since it was released. After all these years still fascinating.
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    I've owned speakers by.....

    Pioneer CS454 (?) Mordaunt Short MS206 Focal Profile 918
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