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    HIFI POWER CABLES - a thought

    The moment you are taught to look at electrical components as impedances, you start to appreciate the power supply more than the cable. I guess a broken cable doesn't conduct so cable matters I guess. But the point of diminishing return is around $2. You'd think they would sell AC line filters...
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    Quarter wavelength

    The calculations seem right and I can't really say if either is wrong... It's more of a feeling thing Below picture is taken from a supposedly open termination (yellow) vs good-terminated (red) Between two peaks in the ringing, the reflecting signal has traveled 4 times the length of the...
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    Reliability of cheap class D amplifiers

    Never had a single class D amp fail... And my mom even dropped one from over a metre, and that thing has a toroidal transformer inside If anything it feels like the capacitors of computer speakers using class AB amps tend to die faster, and the heat isn't helping. The switchers and rectifiers...
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    Edifier MR4 measurements (It's probably been upgraded.)

    Ooo, flat. That can make many high scoring speakers here worried especially coming from an affordable speaker. This presents a philosophical problem - How long can reviews be before they become inaccurate?
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    Technical Article: Does Audio Cable Skin Effect Matter

    Don't forget to tin one of the side so one side is copper and the other side is silver-colored for extra sound quality. Even Audioengine does that. Tho this is useful when trying to figure out the polarity.
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    Why do my audioengine A2 speakers sound better than my kanto YU4?

    A2 was the audiophile choice of small speakers until perhaps the second half of the 2010s, simply because there was not many other choices at this size/price apart from Bose using full-range drivers. Today things like iLoud just run circles around it but it still presents a viable option for...
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    Emotiva ERC-4 CD Player (DAC) Review

    1) CD-ROM drive with SPDIF out: $10 from junk pile along with that weird AC adapter with molex output 2) Topping E30 II: $149 0.00015% for <$200 Technically I'm wrong because that's not possible with 16-bit but hey, details details.
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    question regarding electrical noise, network cables, optical

    Why wouldn't an optical cable have packet loss? It also runs on electronics and receive the signal from electronics. The LED intensity also has slew rate and there is reflection and attenuation in the optic fibre. The problem is once you really dig deep, you will realize that a cable is really...
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    Are "audio grade electrolytic capacitors" snake oil?

    Just take note, if it's a SMPS, don't change its capacitor unless it is spoilt, and if you change it don't use "audio grade capacitors"
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    Do You EQ Speakers Above About 500Hz?

    Sound is too complex to be EQ-ed by just one microphone result. Even for bass, I EQ when I can hear peaks/dips, and I test to make sure my ears agree with the mic. And even then I allow for 3dB variation post-EQ. Then of course there are those who Dirac their system to be <0.5dB flatness.......
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    Is it a good idea to apply equalizer to a pair of third-party headphone ear pads that change sound signature?

    It's good idea enough to apply equalizer to your headphone if it is known to be imperfect to begin with. Some players / apps even have built-in EQ profiles for various headphones.
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    M-Audio BX3 Monitor Review

    The US$99±50% is the awkward pricerange where companies are trying to create something that works but fail because they don't have enough budget. US$200/pair is when they finally have enough money to buy all the parts to create a good speaker, and thereafter improvement per $ slows drastically...
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    M-Audio BX3 Monitor Review

    How is the woofer even loud enough at 10kHz to achieve significant cancellation, especially when the nearfield measurement shows it isn't loud enough? Sound physics is weird.
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    Found this interesting

    Or we can have a solid-state amp that is like a tube amp :p Add some salt and output impedance to taste
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    Why not more USB-3+ power for HP amp section?

    I'm pretty sure my computer's USB-C doesn't give anything higher than 5V. Laptops may come with one port if lucky.
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    What is so tricky with SMPS in audio?

    That question is multi-faceted... Well, the first one is, if we are talking about designing an SMPS module from scratch, it *is* hard. Not just buying a module designed and manufactured by some guy in Asia, but making your own SMPS product or putting an SMPS circuit inside your product. The...
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    What is so tricky with SMPS in audio?

    Everything has a spec, the power supply comes with its spec, the product works when powered by a power supply that meets a spec, what's there to design? And for the same amount of money spent on transformer and capacitors, an SMPS will have way better ripple than a 60Hz power supply so you even...
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    Power Cable Drain Wire?

    I'll bet $2 more likely you loosened some connector or touched some cable that has internal breakage.
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