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    Beyerdynamic 700 pro x, subjective impressions

    the dip on the 700/900 pro x is narrow enough that it doesn't color the sound too much. You can actually reduce this dip by wearing them slightly backwards
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    Beyerdynamic 700 pro x, subjective impressions

    I was tried the open back version = 900 pro x. They are also pretty good in the price range. Less bass than 700 pro x, but most extended flat bass in dynamic driver open back headphone.
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    Hifiman Sundara Review (headphone)

    This guy measured Sundara using Gras 45CA like Amir. It can be seen that it is the latest version of Sundara (brown box). However, the measurement results look like the 2018 Sundara version than 2020 revision pads version or Amir measurement. Does Sundara have another revision again in 2022?
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    2022 - Your favorite releases

    - Porcupine Tree - Closure/Continuation - James LaBrie - Beautiful Shade of Grey - Amon Amarth - The Great Heathen Army - Megadeth - The Sick, the Dying... and the Dead! - Ibaraki - Rashomon
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    MASSDROP Sennheiser HD58X JUBILEE Review (Headphone)

    Are original HD58X earpads easy to get? Where can I buy it? Or is it compatible with other HD6 series earpads? (HD600/650/660s etc).
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    Topping L30 Headphone Amplifier Review

    I once tried the Hifiman Edition XS on my E30 + L30, and it was enough with the mid gain. You can go to A90 if balanced port is needed. I think you also don't need to go to L30 II if the price in your country is more expensive than L30 OG.
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    Topping U90 (USB DDC) and HS-01 (USB filter)

    Deeper bass maybe because noise floor reduced by the HS-01.
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    Looking for upgrade over broken Oppo PM-3 Budget £300 to £500

    Edifier Stax Spirit S3. Planar magnetic, closed back, bass is not boosted, can use wired or wireless.
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    Oppo PM3 Review (Closed Back Headphone)

    Found Oppo PM-3 measurements with B&K 4153, looks similar to Amirm measurements.
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    Moondrop enters the OE headphone market

    I have tried Moondrop Void, the sound is the same as the measurement from Woodenears.
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    Topping E30 II DAC Review

    Of course that's because you're used to hear the harmonic distortion of the tube and your system. And yeah, there is no "synergy" in the objectivist world like in ASR.
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    Topping DX1 mini desktop DAC & AMP

    Amir once said in his DX3 Pro+ review that any combo DAC and headphone amp is going to have digital volume control. I was quite surprised to know that the DX1 uses analog volume control.
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    Topping DX1 mini desktop DAC & AMP

    Does that mean the SNR of the DX1 will be higher than DX3Pro+ at the same normal listening volume?
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    Topping DX1 mini desktop DAC & AMP

    So it uses analog volume instead of digital like DX3Pro+?
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    Topping DX1 mini desktop DAC & AMP

    Which Chi-fi? A high SINAD means the device is transparent, you will get the purest music possible. If they feel artificial, it means the headphones they are wearing are artificial, or they don't understand what music should sound like. They don't know what natural sound like. Or they listening...
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    Topping DX1 mini desktop DAC & AMP

    It's cost around $99 in my local store
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