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    KEF LS50 Meta Review (Speaker)

    I’ve been considering LS50 Meta or Monitor Audio Studio. Has anyone heard both to compare? I‘m in 10’x12’ room, speakers & TV 6ft away. Ceiling is 25ft high.
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    SMSL D400ES DAC Review

    I understand your point on a product support from different countries and no experience on SMSL, but there are a few N. American products that I’ve had extremely poor repeated experience with…GM can you hear me.
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    Pioneer VSX-LX505 AVR Review

    I had the LX 305 and now Onkyo NR7100 and use with Dali speakers 6ohm 84.5db and plays much louder than previous NAD 316BEEv2 and no issues as per this and other Pioneer/Onkyo reviews. Add in Dirac, for AVR $800 CAN, no regrets.
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    Best hifi buy vs top of the charts

    Edit: I took back the Pioneer VSX-LX305. Found twin sibling, a slightly used Onkyo TX-NR7100 for ~half cost of Pioneer.
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    Best hifi buy vs top of the charts

    I ordered a miniDSp Flex and UMIK-1 ($1100 CAN) last week for my 2.1 setup, arrived yesterday ( haven’t opened). While waiting, I bought a Pioneer VSX-LX305 ($1500 CAN) with full Dirac Live on weekend to see how it improved my 2.1 setup with room acoustics. I need more time to understand Dirac...
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    Minidsp Flex Review (Audio DSP)

    Ordered Flex analog and UMIK1, arrives Monday. I considered a new Pioneer/Onkyo HT receiver with Dirac but I would not use the surround sound options, too big physically. Flex replacing Topping DX3Pro+ to basic NAD int amp. Use Flex for 2.1 setup with small stand mount speakers and sub. The info...
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    Streamer/DSP/DAC Setup Recommendation

    I’m wondering if a miniDSP Flex would help my room acoustics? Room layout, listening position identical as above but 10ft x12ft with a 25ft ceiling. The wall opposite sofa has dbl doors and are closed majority of time (also my home office, wfh). My system: 2ch Int amp (2x40w), 8” powered sub...
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    Stereophiles editor Jim Austin publicly disagreeing with Kal Rubinson

    “There is no room for, fact based evidence and scientific measurements, in SALES endeavors”. As a sales professional for 30+ years, your statement is frankly wrong.
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    Prices for used equipment

    I was shopping for a mountain bike at a local shop earlier this year. Chatting with the owner about used bikes prices & trade-ins, he said he never pays more than 25% of MSRP whether bike 1yr old or 1day.
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    New Hypex Nilai500DIY modules )

    Looking to upgrade my very modest integrated amp with Class D, which I’ve never owned. This thread has been very informative, sometimes entertaining re: price vs performance/specs. Leaving my house a few days ago, I was behind a Ferrari at a red light. Ferrari broke down, I had to go around in...
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    Audiophonics HPA-S400ET Review (Stereo Amplifier)

    I’m considering Buckeye NC252. What approx customs fees to ON could I expect?
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    Audioquest GO-4 Speaker Cable Review

    I wish high end cable/interconnect companies made garden hoses, then when I turn on outdoor water tap I would get “warmer” water out of the nozzle….
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    TRUTHEAR x Crinacle Zero IEM Review

    Simple, to satisfy the two most influential audio components: brain & eyes.
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    Welcome New Members to ASR, introduce yourself here.

    I’ve registered at ASR today to say thank you to all the members for the great information on DAC’s and other general info. I only found out about ASR ~2 weeks ago. Just getting back into having a nice stereo system to relax to after 10-15yrs vs Spotify on my workout earbuds. Got a NAD C316BEE...
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