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    Suca Audio U7 aka Aoshida A7 aka Nobsound H7 aka Douk Audio H7 tear down

    That's a fair review, and he talks about the harshness in the top end. I've retired my H7 and have reverted back to a SMSL AO200, and have welcomed the return of that much warmer sound.
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    Suca Audio U7 aka Aoshida A7 aka Nobsound H7 aka Douk Audio H7 tear down

    I have this amp (the Douk H7) along with the preamp (H8). Thanks for the pics of the guts. What are we seeing here? Is there two chips or just one? Is it a true "balanced" design. Or does balanced just mean the XLR outputs. I'm pretty happy with mine, it's maybe a bit harsh with my source...
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    WiiM Mini Streamer

    Got one of these today. Geez they sound great and are easy to set up.
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    Master "deals" (massdrop, ebay, Amazon, etc.) Thread on Audio Product Sales

    Yeah its pretty horrific. Have you seen any impact in pricing from Asia - Aliexpress ect..?
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    Which TPA3255 amp do you recommend?

    I've purchased the Douk Audio version of the amp mentioned above. Once it arrives I'll provide some feedback.
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    What electronic audio products you want tested most

    There are two new Douk Audio Chi-Fi products I've just pulled the trigger on: H7 amp and H8 preamp. It would be good to see them analysed. When they arrive I might do an amateur review myself perhaps.
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    Aoshida SMSL AO200 users thread

    6 months of use here and no problems. Desktop use, with a topping d10 balanced DAC and Elac uni-fi ub52 speakers. Sounds great.
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    Elac Uni-Fi 2.0 Review (bookshelf speaker)

    I read this thread before buying these second hand. The seller was willing to let me test them in his setup. I played the Eva Cassidy song from the original post. Speakers were on stands with foam. No buzz, no resonance, no issue. So I purchased. They have been trouble free for me. I do only...
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    How and where do you listen music “in general”?

    I listen more and more on my cheapo 2nd hand AV setup. Just using Direct mode through two JBL floor speakers. In the lounge room. It just fills the space, and my house with music.
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