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    Speakers for low wattage amp tube

    I think you should be happy with Tannoy DMTs — they should be within your budget
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    BACCH4Mac Pro Edition - For those considering BACCH

    It will work fine if you don’t want/need to upgrade to future versions of the software
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    BACCH4Mac Pro Edition - For those considering BACCH

    The mini I have is a late 2012 which was the recommended platform when I bought B4M. Edgar tells me that this computer will not work with future versions and suggested upgrading to an M1.
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    Opinions on JBL F35/95

    Agreed. I have active 4722s in my living room stereo rig! A much less expensive loudspeaker than the F35, though, and with Audiolense, approximately the same performance.
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    BACCH4Mac Pro Edition - For those considering BACCH

    Over on the “what makes speakers disappear” thread we are discussing techniques to create L-R to feed into the left speaker and R-L to feed into the right speaker and then L+R to feed to the center speaker. This would amount to yet another “slider” that makes things sound “better” while...
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    Good HiFi from South America?

    Love this thread! Thanks and keep it going!
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    DBX NX-40 Setup

    I’m glad you got it working and liked the results. I bet there are still some of these records floating around that would be worth a listen.
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    DBX NX-40 Setup

    What dbx record did you get? There couldn’t have been many produced/sold. I only heard this technology demonstrated once and it was quite impressive. Iirc, the expansion was more dramatic than the usual dbx boxes, so a very flat cartridge/pre amp combo was required. I remember being startled...
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    Constant Beamwidth Transducer (CBT) Speakers

    Yet, according to Keele's published data, his CBTs can reproduce pretty good square waves from the upper bass through the lower treble. Quick grab:
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    what are your industrial design favorites?

    I bought that Super Record groupo and put it on my 1952 Bob Jackson 58 (ish). Still have it!
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    Legacy Wavelet Attempted Review (Speaker Processor)

    Audiolense filters are generated in the user‘s licensed software/hardware - so free standing.
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    AXPONA 2022 ASR Meetup

    Also, please go to the TigerFox Immerse 360 room and share your impressions. It seems to be a patented purely acoustical crosstalk cancellation system good for music, movies and gaming, supposedly giving total 360 degree audio immersion -- no electronic manipulation involved. Thanks
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    Just took a chance with TigerFox Immerse 360

    I have long been a fan of crosstalk cancellation in principle but have generally found the electronic methods to be unnatural and fatiguing. I took a flyer with the TigerFox hoping that it offers a more natural and involving experience — plus it comes with a 60 day satisfaction guarantee. I’ll...
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    Octo dac8 Pro and 4-way digital XO

    I can also recommend Audiolense along with the Juice HiFi convolver. Windows only though.
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    My DIY Streamer

    Very cool project! Well done!
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    JBL Stage 125C Review (Center Speaker)

    The Dunlavy HRCC was one of the few properly engineered center speakers, but it was huge!
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    Genelec speakers

    Matte industrial grey was the choice of Altec, JBL and RCA for their early theater and studio monitors because it would minimally reflect through the screen or off of monitoring windows, hopefully keeping these distractions from undermining the audio/video illusion. Western Electric, Jensen and...
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