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  1. CREMA

    Ideal speaker for reproducing voice

    I misunderstood the meaning of the post. If you only play the raw vocals, it would be better to keep the reflections rich and wet. This is because the voice sounds terrible when you play the raw vocal source in a dry room.
  2. CREMA

    Ideal speaker for reproducing voice

    I was mistaken listening environment for a speech, or a for a monitoring. If he's only playing the raw vocals, it'll be far from the studio sound recommendations. It will depend on the listening space and listenining distance, but a speaker with a wide directivity will definitely be good.
  3. CREMA

    Ideal speaker for reproducing voice

    Speakers with narrow directivity and linear response are needed. The initial reflection and reverberation in the listening room must also be very low or controlled. When a harmful level of comb-filtering occurs, the feeling of the voice collapses.
  4. CREMA

    DAC ABX Test Phase 1: Does a SOTA DAC sound the same as a budget DAC if proper controls are put in place? Spoiler: Probably yes. :)

    Thank you, Audacity! If you see a ridiculous result on an online test, make sure to bring the person offline and take the test. If you take Spectrum Analyzer away from him, his ears will be a fool.
  5. CREMA

    Research on reflections

    Whether it's a wide or narrow dispersion, I think the most important thing is a room. It would be nice to be able to remove very early reflections of less than 5ms, create early reflections of -20dB level around 15-40ms, and have good control over late reflections and reverbs afterwards. (Of...
  6. CREMA

    Impulcifer, Copy speaker sounds to headphones!

    Most people will agree that it is better to use a real loudspeaker than a headphone copied from a loudspeakers. However, it is difficult and expensive to have a multi-channel system as good as a listening room that provides measurement services. It is difficult to allocate your own space for...
  7. CREMA

    Battle of RCA Cables: Mogami, Amazon, Monoprice

    In the Sighted test... The 0.1 dB difference created by the cable can change all of the soundstage, depth, sound image, clarity, and bass quality. People who believe in their clumsy senses waste money on simple illusion.
  8. CREMA

    What is your favorite house curve

    Extremely low frequency. MORE, MORE!
  9. CREMA

    Where did this spinorama come from?

    It looks like 'Behringer B2031A Truth', but I don't know the exact source. I found it while cleaning my hard disk. Is it Harman? Or is it somewhere else?
  10. CREMA

    Impulcifer, Copy speaker sounds to headphones!

    Thank you for making a great Impulcifer. Head tracking is obviously an attractive feature, but sometimes it's not necessary. I sometimes lie in bed and listen to music. In that case, immobile imaging and sound images are required. I'm curious about Smyth Realiser with head tracking, but I'm...
  11. CREMA

    Impulcifer, Copy speaker sounds to headphones!

    In fact, it's almost hard to feel reverb in the HRIR file I'm using now. Because my room is spacious and sound-absorbed, the effects of standing waves and reverberation are small. (240m3?) So my HRIR is that the sound of the speaker is dominant, and the effect of space is slightly added. So...
  12. CREMA

    Impulcifer, Copy speaker sounds to headphones!

    Yes, I think it's similar. it doesn't support the Height Channel like Smyth realiser A16, but it's enough for 7-channel computer audio.
  13. CREMA

    Impulcifer, Copy speaker sounds to headphones!

    I think the expression was a little unclear. It is far from simulating various rooms and speakers. Functions such as BACH-3DM using HRTF may be related to this, but Impulcifer is more like simply copying the response of a speaker placed in the room. If you want to hear the sounds of multiple...
  14. CREMA

    Impulcifer, Copy speaker sounds to headphones!

    There are many ways to make the sound of headphones, but a well-known method is to measure the sound of reference speakers through dummy heads. However, dummy heads cannot completely mimic an individual's head, so the sound cannot be perfect. No matter how sophisticated the headphones are...
  15. CREMA

    Impulcifer, Copy speaker sounds to headphones!

    *My English can be awkward using a translator. So, it may be difficult to answer the question. I'm sorry! Impulcifer is a software that records the HRIR Response and allows you to listen to speakers on your headphones. This is Free, but quite similar to the expensive Smyth Realiser A16...
  16. CREMA

    Norne Audio Premium Headphone Cable Review

    Pictures 1 and 2 are the left and right responses of the HD800S, measured with an external ear canal after wearing as close as possible. Subtle differences occur in the high frequencies. And number 3,4 is the response of the HD800S, which I wore by changing positions back and forth. Significant...
  17. CREMA

    Norne Audio Premium Headphone Cable Review

    Every time you wear headphones, there is a slight deviation. Usually it doesn't mean much, but when you replace the cable, the difference made by wearing it is mistaken for the cable. Audio is something that easily tricks you. Always be in doubt.
  18. CREMA

    Audeze LCD-X Over Ear Open Back Headphone Review

    Most headphone reviewers had little or no experience with speakers, so they had very little reliability for sound evaluation. There were quite a few people who gave good reviews, but when I heard about it, the Audeze Headphones didn't have a good midrange. But the low frequency was good...
  19. CREMA

    Genelec 8361+W371:Evolution or Revolution?

    What a big size! I'd like to hear it.
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