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    Helmholtz resonators used to harvest energy in noisy environments?

    That was my reaction as well. Picking a narrow band of freqs to harvest is like installing solar panels under a tree. You throw away a large proportion of available power (meager as it might be already). Edit: - They do mention they use multiple resonators tuned to different freqs. It makes...
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    HIFI POWER CABLES - a thought

    This cracks me up! After the AC travels through untold miles of wire and numerous transformers, they think the last 4 feet makes a difference? What kind of drug induces such a fantasy? And where can I get some?
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    Maximum subjectively preferred loudness level

    Yes... Earplugs. Long gone are the days I trust my hearing to a drunken (or hiphop-rave-trained) sound man. If it's loud enough to cause fatigue (>95 dB) I vote with my feet, and leave. I have a very quiet recording studio. Around 34 dBZ SPL when HVAC isn't running (and the wife isn't...
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    Maximum subjectively preferred loudness level

    In live venues I prefer 85 dBZ on peaks, which is why I have earplugs in all my coats and in the car. For extended listening (studio mixing work) it's 65 dB. Loudness can mask poor live performances and deficiencies in playback systems, though it's useful for drowning out audience chatter.
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    mic and mic preamp question

    AT mics are all good. Studio Projects mics are good (I have a multipattern SP B3, and it excels in everything I use it on. Currently going for around $200 US). There are also a number of...
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    What book are you reading?

    I've been reading these ebooks for quite a while. Sci-fi with expired copyrights.
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    Cart narcs

    Bubbles, from Trailer Park Boys, will be bummed out.
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    Spotify Expands Access to Controversial Discovery Mode Program

    Lower royalty rates? They can't get much lower without crossing zero... I stopped allowing my music on Spotify, and I urge other musicians to do the same. Starvation is how you kill the beast. The thing to remember, an indirect quite from Spotify management: "We don't sell music. We sell...
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    dB-A or dB-C?

    dBA : How quickly will I go deaf? dBZ : Is the FR flat?
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    How can ground loops not be a problem in single-ended connections?

    There are as many more possible solutions than there are causes. The T&EE (trial and error engineering) method is used on existing equipment. You try something, measure the result, and repeat, till you find the optimum cure for your setup in your environment. This hints at the issue...
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    How can ground loops not be a problem in single-ended connections?

    It isn't just the amount of interference in the environment, it is also the the gears susceptibility to it. It is not as simple as it seems. The are various categories of EMI susceptibility as discussed here: I don't understand why...
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    How can ground loops not be a problem in single-ended connections?

    If there is little or no magnetic or electrostatically coupled noise to pick up, it is a non-problem.
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    BIC EV-15 Eviction Measurements

    Edit: Never mind; I see this has been brought up in numerous other replies... Seems to me that unless you trim room reflections from the REW Impulse Response, you are measuring Room+Speaker. Can you post a FR curve made with the IR trimmed?
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    Audio equipment that appreciated in value?

    Studio microphones of certain types can appreciate dramatically
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    Who would buy a speaker without listening to it?

    I doubt there is a hifi store within 300 miles of where I live. (No, Best Buy does not count). I bought most of my stuff, used, from private parties, and I always verified it worked first. The stuff I bought new I always got it from a full service (i.e., good return policy). For the new...
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    Why are XLR cables only locked on one side?

    If using a phantom powered microphone, it's best practice to turn off phantom power and wait 2 minutes before disconnecting. And to make sure phantom power is off before plugging them in. Failure to do this can be hazardous to the health of the microphone, especially ribbon mics.
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    Balanced to unbalanced converter

    Another vote for the THAT Corp. balanced receiver IC. The data sheet provides a good application circuit schematic (top of page 9) that is an order of magnitude simpler than the schematic you posted...
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    Braided audio cable

    If it is just for looks, a foil shield beneath the braid would still give you 100% shielding. If using braid alone it needs to be quite dense to achieve full shielding. Cheap braided shields often only offer 80% (or less!) shield coverage, so the foil shield just inside the braid avoids that...
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    Input Transformer Advice for Common Impedance Coupling (Ground Loop)

    Aside from the logical procedure called for in fixing ground loop problems... Aside from that, the reasonable course would be to try adding transformer(s) to one channel first and doing before and after measurements of the hum. Note I don't advocate this; finding and fixing the ground loop...
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    News flash: First " new fundamental technology in audio since the 1970's"

    Don't forget to get a Hard Rock Maple volume knob so its extra inertia prevents the speaker vibrations from affecting the volume knob setting. Oh yeah, and don't forget these cryonic superconductor power cables. Only $70000 each!
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