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    Speed Reading DAC Audio Measurements

    He is back , good. Enjoy and learn a lot from your videos.
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    Quality speakers for classical music with high output/volume

    Online retailers upsample files so they can charge more, no sound quality goals at all.
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    CD audio (44.1/16) Club

    Cd sound quality fine for me.
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    AKG K371 Warranty Question

    I have had mine for over a year and wear every night for few hours. How the hell do you use these things? They looked really beat-up.
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    Today is exactly 40th anniversary of CD in EU/US. Is that a reason to celebrate? How many have you collected? And how do you store your treasures?

    I use: AudioLab cd transport, optical cable to RME-DAC, balanced xlr cables to Genelec powered smart speakers. I have +600 cds mostly acoustic jazz and choral music( recorded in cathedrals and chapels).
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    YouTube Audio Reviewer Tier List - Jan 2023 Edition

    Even though no YouTube channel ( a blog)Archimago’s Musings are on par with Audio Science Review regarding technical data and value. I prefer written reviews and data tests/ charts.
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    Great recordings of classical music

    To keep down size of responses use a three part system: music genre, performance, sound / recording quality
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    Experiencing a power cycle audible pop sound on Genelec speakers

    Not speaker problem: user configuration error.
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    Experiencing a power cycle audible pop sound on Genelec speakers

    Not a Genelec speaker problem at all then.
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    I enjoy my audio system because I can play music that moves me and approximates live music and venues I have heard over the years,ie, choir music recorded in churches and cathedrals…. Live acoustic jazz recordings, etc. I see parallels to my digital photography hobby. I enjoy my cameras and...
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    Shunyata Factory Tour - and how do THESE claims hold up?

    Read power cable reviews and tests data reported here… many have been done if you search Seems like a lot of troll type comments from this guy. Oh yeah I bought and tried Shunyata cables two years ago. Well made but made no audible difference what so ever. There is no objective tests...
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    Audience Studio Two USB Cable

    Their USB=Unsubstantiated Bullshit. Audio jewelery.
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    How to Support Audio Science Review

    IRS 501-3-c. Not for profit charitable organization. All info on IRS web site.
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    If Bits are Bits

    Condescending comments like this, and your others, are better shared on other snide forums.
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    If Bits are Bits

    Helpful detailed reply. All comments should follow your lead; many do and many don’t here.
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    The Truth About Music Streaming

    Fine service if you want some social media corporation algorithm to determine what is available to you and in substandard sonic quality. Hope services don’t go way of Napster or recently Twitter.
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    RME ADI-2/4 PRO SE DAC announced

    Use with turntable very very minor application for this device. Most people will predominately use many functions it offers as Ad-DA, headphone amplifier, preamp, PEQ.
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    Genelec Ones setup

    That was a test and no impact on sound quality.
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    Antelope Amari, Antelope Pure2, RME ADI-2 Pro FS R Black Edition or soon to be released RME ADI-2/4 Pro SE

    RME DAC also has a very good headphone amplifier and PEQ capacity as well.
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    Genelec setups in living rooms [how to]

    Frequency may be audible at 15-16 hz but it is not music.
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