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    Odd phono channel issue unless receiver is un Pure Direct mode

    Excellent questions. Just went back and re-tested all 3 analog inputs using a separate source (DAP source with 3.5mm>RCA cable) and replicated the same result as the phono chain: right channel problems unless in Pure Direct. Swapping L/R input shows issue remains internal to the amp in the right...
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    Odd phono channel issue unless receiver is un Pure Direct mode

    Hey folks, I come to you today with a little technical oddity that has me completely stumped. Current hardware chain: Technics SL-D202 turntable (AT-VM95E cartridge) >--[stereo RCA]--> ART Pro USB Phono Plus >--[stereo RCA]--> Pioneer VSX-1023-K (CD analog input) Playing a record with this...
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    Ikea SYMFONISK Picture Frame Speaker Review

    The Trueplay tuning feature offered through the iOS app is basically this simplified down to lifestyle speaker ease of use. My subjective experience with the feature is with a pair of Symfonisk bookshelf units in the back corners of the living room part of my L-shaped open main floor. The...
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    Paradigm Persona,

    I would argue this is the number one reason the response to these speakers is so polarized. Properly set up and running with ARC they truly do some magical stuff. They seem to just disappear and leave a huge soundstage with incredibly detailed imagine. Of course how much of that is due to the...
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