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    Denon AVR-A1H

    so no chance of them adding a download for that model then? lol so helpful
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    Review and Measurements of Apogee Groove DAC and Amp

    and that's where you'd be wrong 'cause the amp and output have been updated to deal better with high impedance headphones. that happened a couple of years ago now. 2016 macs are VERY different from the current models.
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    Denon AVR-A1H

    hmmmm going to be annoyed if they don't offer dirac live for my a110
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    Focal Chora 816 Speaker Review

    sure no! shoot, megadeth just announced Countdown to Extinction on atmos! :)
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    Focal Chora 816 Speaker Review

    disabled == don't hook up the posts for the atmos speaker :) decent amounts, I've got over 200 albums in surround between SACDs and blu rays. focal markets these as home theater speakers anyway, so atmos makes sense.
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    Will consumer audio take over the hifi scene?

    lolololololololololololololololol tell me who you are without saying it lololol
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    Will consumer audio take over the hifi scene?

    why would you 'fear' that? i mean if they've made what you call 'hi-fi' irrelevent then I'd interpret that to mean they've achieved the same level of quality. if that's the case then YES, please, let's get rid of bulky+expensive equipment!
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    the new evora is getting a JPS edition too!
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    heh that's cool, I have bought a LOT of cables from WBC in the last couple of years, good to see them tested
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    Serving SACD and DVD-A on a Mac - possible?

    it's really not that complicated, you're not writing software (coding) lol commandline stuff looks complicated if you've never done it before but it's not that tough!
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    Message to golden-eared audiophiles posting at ASR for the first time...

    sure, why not? life just isn't this hard lololololololol
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    Message to golden-eared audiophiles posting at ASR for the first time...

    things in music ARE the music itself. listening to details doesn't mean you're not listening to music.
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    Does the old DENON X4500H sound better than the new X8500HA?

    ?????? class C amps? those are generally used in rf transmitters, I can't recall ever seeing a class C audio amp. Do they exist?
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    SMSL DO200 MKII DAC Review

    @xaxxon there are! I have a panamax with one
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    maybe for some people but not me. both 'things' and experiences can bring happiness but I have a feeling I look at 'things' differently. for instance, if I buy a guitar the idea isn't that the guitar itself will bring me happiness, it's what i'm gonna DO with the guitar. 'things' are tools in...
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    SVS PB-1000 Pro or SB-1000 Pro Subwoofer for small room?

    small room means you don't need to max out subsonics, which means sealed. still probably needs basstraps too tho
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    The Case Against OLED

    c7 is waaaaay old at this point. the model I'm talking about is 3 generations newer than a c7 and even my CX is 2 generations behind the current models. it's solved, basically.
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    ZeroSurge 2R15W Surge Protector Review

    b4 linus inevitably dropped it anyway (man that dude is clumsy lol)
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