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    What is the best phone with Aux 3.5mm jack and 32-bit/384kHz audio?

    I bought a V60 and relegated my G7 to DAP duty. The quad dac in these LG phones sounds as good as most dongles plus they have SD support.
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    JDS Labs Atom DAC+ Review

    Its normal. The correct output is the "Analog Output" which is the the red and white RCA outputs on the back. The digital option is listed because S/PDif is bidirectional but output over S/PDif isn't activated on the Atom DAC+.
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    Sony Xperia 5 IV Audio Review

    I've never heard a woman say that.
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    Topping L30 II Review (Headphone Amp)

    $149 for this much clean power makes this a must buy if it's defect free.
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    THX 889 vs A90 vs Singxer SA-1

    Get the THX 789. It provides over 3w of clean distortion power at half the price of the other two amps. And the 789 will only clip if you feed it 4v (or more) on high gain, just set to medium and you'll be fine.
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    Chord Hugo M-Scaler Upsampler Review (Video)

    Especially when you can do high res scaling for free on Linux with MPD and the SOX resampler. But it does have a pretty case.
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    Sub $100 DAC

    The Khadas Tone Board is an amazing DAC with a great reviews (including here on ASR) that sells for $79.99 on
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    SMSL Sanskrit 10th MK II DAC Review

    It's still uses the AKM chip.
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    SMSL Sanskrit 10th MK II DAC Review

    I use Deadbeef and I have had a issue. 44kh, 48hz, 88khz, 96kh, 192kh and DSD files play just fine.
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    SMSL Sanskrit 10th MK II DAC Review

    Try adding "avoid-resampling = yes" to your pulseaudio .conf file. This will disable resampling in PA so each file will play at it's encoded sample rate.
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    Schiit Modius Balanced DAC Review

    Hold the Hennessy. You can still get the SMSL Sanskrit 10th Mk II (from Amazon or AliExpress) if you desire a AK4493 DAC with "vinyl sound".
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    SMSL Sanskrit 10th MK II DAC Review

    Did SMSL buy up all the 4493 chips before the fire cause this is the only dac with a AKM chip that's still on the market?
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    Review and Measurements of SMSL SP200 THX HP Amp

    That a amazing price for the performance your getting, congrats. Three years ago $250 would have got you a Schiit stack and cables.
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    Review and Measurements of SMSL SP200 THX HP Amp

    Sorry, I took so long to answer. I got the Generic edition cause I'm not going to mount it on a SBC.
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    SMSL HO200 Review (Headphone Amplifier)

    If you came to the decision to buy this amp on your own then your not a sheep nor one of the guys I was referring to. I was talking about the guys who are posting about replacing their Drop 789 or SP200 with this amp or the Rebel Amp because the sound of their old THX amp went from amazing to...
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    SMSL HO200 Review (Headphone Amplifier)

    I agree but Zeos and his ilk have convinced the sheep that the once amazing thing he sold them on last year is now boring and obsolete and must be replaced with this years hotness. The one benefit of these sheep's stupidity is there's lots of lighty used amps and dac's on the second hand market...
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    Review and Measurements of SMSL SP200 THX HP Amp

    Doubt it would power speakers, the draw would probably trigger the power protections. If you what a neutral setup get the Sp200 and the Topping D10 Balanced dac. If you want a more musical setup (i.e. more bass and slightly rolled off highs) get the Sp200 and the Khadas Tone Board dac. That...
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    Topping L50 Review (Headphone Amp)

    Since you're looking for max power I'd skip all of Topping amps. Their amps power ratings are pulled from the nether or just made up by the marketing department. I'd go with the Magnius since is offers a ton of verified power, top of the line measurements and great sound quality for $200.
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    New Sabaj a10h a Worthy Topping L30 Competitor?

    More proof of their shady powering ratings. With a standard 2v dac this thing (like the L30 before it) puts out less power than the Objective 2, Atom or Magni.
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