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    Extreme Snake Oil

    Yep, like AC electrons care about the direction. Going both directions, so guess it is magic and microdiodes only influence it when going in the bad direction. LOL.
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    Coffee - do you and how do you consume it?

    Personally I have a Button above my workbench for a coat or blouse that reads: Instant Human - Just Add Coffee Fits reality well.
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    A Call For Humor!

    Organics sounding. Wood and putty. Could use a "brighter" colored wood.
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    A little exploration of the benefits of HDCD

    Hello, If the source files were older, they likely were not HDCD quality, but lower quality upsampled to a higher bit rate. Unlikely to make any real difference as you are limited to what info the source files had.
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    Why do they remaster 80's digital recordings in 192/24?

    Hello, Agree that if center stage, close up to a good performance and in an great location, that is the ideal. However just going to a live performance guarantees nothing of a great sound. Many locations are far, far from ideal, with background noise and really poor resonances. As well the...
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    Tone control

    Sadly, the dislike of tone controls has let to many listening to sub standard music from what they could have had. Quote below from Douglas Self. "Tone-controls cause an audible deterioration even when set to the flat position." This is usually blamed on "phase-shift". At the time of...
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    When did class D start to not suck?

    Hello, Personally, I have gone with class D as the efficiency and regard for our environment matter to me. Otherwise I would say go with whatever class amp you like, just get top quality (not price) equipment and you will very likely be happy for a long time. IMHO. ( Cheaply made junk is bad...
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    Video Called "Hear Sound Loss in Speaker Cable"

    And don't forget the color of the cable has such an influence on the sound. Red and yellow are quite bright. :)
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    Effect of Cannabis use on hearing

    Hello, Agree, moderation is the key to health and enjoying life. Have also found that closing my eyes when listening give pleasant results. Regards, Greg
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    My God, Its Full of Snake Oil

    Hello, Sadly these companies make money off selling BS. If only people would stop giving them their cash, they would stop in a heartbeat. But in reality there is "one born every minute" has always been true and this will never stop.
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    Thinking outside the (Speaker) Box - Does Stereo Ruin sound?

    Hello, Well, stereo is far from perfect, just a given. However as most of live performances are far from ideal (reflections from the room, only a few can be in the center sweat spot, noise from the audience and the environment to name a few.) Not sure how often you will ever hear a "perfect"...
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    Coffee - do you and how do you consume it?

    Hello, Slightly different coffee subject. Have a button up on my workspace wall that says: INSTANT HUMAN, JUST ADD COFFEE Too true.
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    Snake Oil Department, Top This

    Of course, adding more wire to act as an antenna makes so much sense. Trying to get some RF back into the amps feedback network would make such a difference. :) Sadly, there is one born every minute (at least).
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    Snake Oil Department, Top This

    Hello, Would tend to agree with you, that is on well designed equipment. Interconnects - if the output impedance is quite low (ten or less ohms, less is better) and the receiving units input impedance is high enough (IE: 20Kohms), then a reasonably designed cable (not high resistance, high...
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    Who would buy a speaker without listening to it?

    Hello, As I build my own speakers with plans from some quite highly regarded people on the web, yes I have bought without hearing them. If you have enough reviews from others who seem to have good knowledge of the issues enough to design them, to do extensive testing and using good quality...
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    Weird problem with Oppo 203 - power cycles at random

    Hello, Have not ever had an OPPO unit, but if you haven't tried it yet, would find out how to do a hardware reset back to the factory settings. Software can get buggered up and give all kinds of weird symptoms. If it helps, then likely would have to do a firmware update to get the latest...
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    Extreme Snake Oil

    Yes, for sure. And colored cables add color of your choice to the sound. :)
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    Extreme Snake Oil

    As nobody is forcing anyone to pay for this crap at their prices, it comes down to the old saying: "A fool and his money will be soon parted." You just can't fix stupid, no matter how many laws you pass. IMHO.
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    My first Japanese Souffle Chessecake

    Guess we need to ask: Did your wife smell it from the other room and like it?
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    Why is SINAD measured @ 5W?

    Hello, My take on the SINAD rating is that it is a good indication on whomever designed the piece of equipment got the basics right. Not a guarantee that it is the perfect or the best possible unit. I do look at units that got a good or better rating when choosing equipment as it eliminates...
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