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    KEF LS50 Meta Spinorama and Measurements

    Is the LS50 meta capable of reaching reference level at 3m with a sub? Thanks.
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    Rebuild of Purifi SPKx speakers

    Have you seen brandons extensive research on cabinet and port reaonance?
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    Does a 4 million taps FIR filter sound better than a 16K one? Let's find out.

    Taps may not make a difference, but IIR and FIR linear or Min phase filters do. Try rephase on a time aligned dual concentric driver like the KEF reference range and tell me I'm wrong.
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    Denon AVR-4700 Preamp Mode Question

    Do I have to rerun audessey from scratch and set it to pre amp mode first then? Very odd if this is the case!
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    Denon AVR-4700 Preamp Mode Question

    Hi all, Problem with using pre amplifier mode. It doesn't apply audessey when I put it in this mode. Any ideas what I can do? I run audessey from the phone app. And it works well, but only in 11.1 channel mode? Audessey isn't applying to 9.1 or preamp mode at all.
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    Upmixing - where are we at? Have people compared upmixers?

    For what it's worth, I ran logic 7 on a lexicon processor up to 2 years ago when I a/b'd it against auro 3D and made the change over. General perception was Neural x seams to have rolled treble when I compare to Atmos, and less dynamic range. Atmos pulls the stage to the front more than Auro...
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    How not to build a 2 way MEH.

    RE the amps, double check you didn't just press F2 on the rote or something, or press mute in the software etc. I have thought I've killed mine several times, all turned out to be settings. Next time set max power to all driver to 1w as a safety measure while working, and 'soft clip enabled'.
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    How not to build a 2 way MEH.

    JBL 2216nd-1 or AETD15M The AE is has the curvelinear cone with excellent pattern control fo higher crossover points, and is measured by Brandon to have ultra low distortion. The 2216nd-1 is the improved version of the bass driver used in the M2, with better off axis performance (see Erin's...
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    How not to build a 2 way MEH.

    Considered doing this, so have the popcorn out!! truExtent tho.... Ouch!
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    Parasound 2125 V.2 Amplifier Review

    I had the parasound halo A51 for 3 or 4 years. Absolute beast. 2 person lift. Didnt touch my Hypex ncore amps for clarity for some reason. 'Wooly' bass, mid and treble is the best description I can give.
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    1MORE Quad Driver Review (IEM)

    I reviewed these earlier in this thread as fantastic headphones. They are, but. No soundstage. I thought you couldnr get a soundstage with IEMs I have since A) bought a phone with Atmos 2 channel built in. Game changer. B) discovered the Moondrop Chu (£20!) They can't match the quad for bass...
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    The perfect speaker is room dependent - wide vs. narrow directivity and more

    I thought that too, until I got my current phone. Couldn't work out why my headphones sounded so crazy good with it. Turns out it has Dolby Atmos stereo built in, and its set as on by default. Sounds unbelievably good imo.
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    Denon Replaces AKM AK4458 DAC IC in X4700H and X6700H

    Yup. Here's my tweeter: i have the truExtent beryllium diaphragms fitted taking it up to 112/[email protected] Bass drivers are...
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    Denon Replaces AKM AK4458 DAC IC in X4700H and X6700H

    At the time, hypex amps had the best SINAD tested. The speakers are DIY, so I use the hypex fusion plate amp with digital active crossovers and time/phase alignment.
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    Denon Replaces AKM AK4458 DAC IC in X4700H and X6700H

    Lots of relevant detail here, much appreciated! I'm in no rush for the AVR, but expect the replacement x800series will be more expensive given inflation is running at 9.1% right now. I have gone to great lengths getting my front speakers to very low distortion levels (circa -70db at 100db...
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    Denon Replaces AKM AK4458 DAC IC in X4700H and X6700H

    Can anyone confirm the current x4600h has inferior DACs? This is what have read in this thread so far, but I understand the AKM factory is back up and running now, and haven't found any posts with anyone actually laying eyes on the current DAC in the unit to confirm.
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    Revel F226Be vs KEF Reference 1

    Lol. Dude saw the future in 2020. LS60 meta.
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    Directiva r2 monitor prototype build

    Super excited!! So close now.
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