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  1. Haskil

    Orei HDA-939 HDMI Audio Extractor Review
  2. Haskil

    New Hypex Nilai500DIY modules )

    I tested BoXem's purifi for almost a week at home. I use a class D amp ordinarily whose quality is remarkable an I have also others amplifiers. I listen to classical music all the time and particularly the piano, but not only, but finally a lot of piano. The purifi has nothing to be ashamed...
  3. Haskil

    New Hypex Nilai500DIY modules )

    Absolutely Stupid ! This video is a disaster, like the one made by the same site on different music library management software (Audirvana, Roon, Jriver, WMP...). An intellectual and formal disaster that had resulted in a better software following a comparison made anyhow. Idiophilia cartoon !
  4. Haskil

    S.M.S.L PO100, PO100 PRO & PO100 AK - Measurements (Digital Interfaces & DAC)

    Merci VintageFlanker pour ce travail intéressant qui continue de démystifier les interfaces numériques tout en étant sans complaisance pour la partie DAC...
  5. Haskil

    Neumann KH 150 Monitor Review

    Thank you for the test ! But if you use this speaker with a Neumann subwoofer designed to work with it, doesn't it become a big speaker if you use one subwoofer per speaker?
  6. Haskil

    Amazon Basics 4K HDMI Extractor Review

    Amir : 24 bit, but 48, 96, 192 Khz ?
  7. Haskil

    Denon AVR-X3800H Review

    If we summarize, the 3800 generation offers features that will only be useful to a tiny part of those who will buy it. The most important of all, the famous Dirac, will only be available in 2023 and its ultimate function will only be available in 2024... that is to say when the 3900 series will...
  8. Haskil

    Denon AVR-X3800H Review

    A Home Cinema enthusiast who has four subwoofers to manage therefore has a very sophisticated and very technical installation possibly in Atmos... Will he buy a device that promises this functionality for 2024 and be satisfied with a device whose the pure performances are in regression compared...
  9. Haskil

    boXem Arthur 4222/E1 Amplifier Review

    Why do I want to laugh with you Boxem? However, it suffices to read the documents that you have given, the explanations that you have provided to understand at least two or three things: you need a power supply that delivers sufficient voltage and that is reliable and safe for the user, fully...
  10. Haskil

    Yamaha R-N2000A network receiver

    I am using Musicast, Sonos, Heos, Roon and Airplay with Itunes : Musicast is impossible. Why ? Not gapless with Qobuz. Heos is impossible : no Qobuz. Sonos is impossible : only with Sonos hardware and only 60 000 fichiers. Roon : well if you have also a big collection of music on your HDD...
  11. Haskil

    boXem Arthur 4222/E1 Amplifier Review

    Bonjour, A lot of professionals amplifiers have DSP included with a lot of correction and filters. It was not high-end electronics that removed tone correctors, subsonic filters, adjustable loudness and other filters, but the small British brands that marketed ordinary electronics pretending...
  12. Haskil

    Hifi Forum TDA-1541A DAC Review

    You are expressing here one of the major doxas of audiophilia that appeared in the 1970s. This "law" requires that the "musicality" of an electronic device be inversely proportional to its measured performance. The background ideological on which was based, and still is, this doxa was that...
  13. Haskil

    Review and Measurements of SONOS Amp

    As we say in France: it is the hospital that makes fun of charity... But I am happy with these exchanges which have shown the inanity of your approach. At least you know who Amir is now... Have a nice day
  14. Haskil

    Review and Measurements of SONOS Amp

    I live in France. When we start a review the way you started it, obviously we are trying to disqualify the tester... And when we continue as you do, it becomes clearer... In short, you were wrong: Amir knows perfectly how to measure electronics and loudspeakers and his are rarely disputed...
  15. Haskil

    Audioquest GO-4 Speaker Cable Review

    Thank you Amir : Every audiophile who searches Google will have a chance of finding one of your cable tests. He will read the test, then the exchanges and a small light will then perhaps come on which will cast doubt on the need to invest money in a speaker cable worth more than a simple...
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