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  1. Alexanderc

    A mini challenge to the forumers here...

    Starting with this… “I just want people to have an understanding of why many jargons and terms were created (many created long time ago). So, just want to throw out a mini challenge to all.” And then jumping to this… “So, how are you going to actually doing what you are doing right now? How...
  2. Alexanderc

    Best AVR for music up to $2000

    You’re best option is probably something recent from Denon’s 4xxx or 3xxx series. I searched for AVRs on this site and copied the link below. There are links to the individual reviews from there.
  3. Alexanderc

    What is a nice tea to drink?

    I heard that it could be more bitter that way, but since this is a science forum….
  4. Alexanderc

    Choral Music: Best sounding recordings

    I’m a big fan of the Robert Shaw recordings on Telarc. Mostly I’m just responding so I get notified of future posts on this thread.
  5. Alexanderc

    What is a nice tea to drink?

    I’m pretty new to tea and haven’t tried anything fancy yet, but one burning question: do you squeeze the liquid out of the tea bag into your cup before discarding? (Edited for clarity)
  6. Alexanderc

    Revel Performa3 F206 v Monitor Audio Silver 500 v KEF R7

    I suppose “huge” is relative. The c208 is about 75% bigger than my subwoofer. :)
  7. Alexanderc

    Revel Performa3 F206 v Monitor Audio Silver 500 v KEF R7

    If you’re looking for a matching center, it might be worth noting that Revel’s only 3-way center in that line is huge and expensive.
  8. Alexanderc

    NAD M33 Streaming Amplifier Review

    I’m pretty sure only the M33 has it built in.
  9. Alexanderc

    NAD M33 Streaming Amplifier Review

    Alternatives include NAD C399, upcoming NAD C389, NAD C658 + amp of your choice, minidsp shd + amp of your choice, or the Anthem STR integrated. All of these will be less expensive but have some trade offs. If I had the funds and wasn’t using a sub, I’d go with the M33.
  10. Alexanderc

    Anyone see this train wreck in Stereophile?

    The irony of this makes me chuckle. If you like the speakers, great! That’s fabulous and I wish you many happy hours of listening to the speakers you love. But if you come to a science and engineering focused forum and criticize the members for paying attention to science and engineering, you...
  11. Alexanderc

    Tower speaker recommendations under €1500

    Could a person in Europe get KEF r5 or r7 for under 1500€? Maybe q950 or q750?
  12. Alexanderc

    Do you mostly use CD/DVD or streaming for music?

    For me the biggest advantage to physical media is liner notes. I still listen to CDs, I still buy them, but it’s hard to beat the convenience of streaming.
  13. Alexanderc

    Michael Fremer Leaving Stereophile?

    I think I was there too. The one where he was sharing some rare presssings?
  14. Alexanderc

    What gear you wouldn't buy because of its name or cult status.

    I always said I would never buy anything from Schiit because of the stupid name. Then I needed a new phono stage and I wanted the cheapest one I could get with some adjustability (this was before Amir had reviewed it or the Pyle which I might have gotten instead). So much for that. If it...
  15. Alexanderc

    Why isn't tweeter height talked about more?

    I think this generally not a major issue for far field listening. Using your examples of 33 inch seated ear height, sitting 10 feet away, and the Salon 2 with a 49 inch tweeter height according to Stereophile (, the...
  16. Alexanderc

    NAD Wireless USB DAC 2 Review

    NAD can do this, but the c658 ( and bluesound node (same parent company: can’t manage CD quality from...
  17. Alexanderc

    Do damping factor, slew rate and the like have possibly any influence on the "sound" of an amplifier?

    Some good DF discussion here:
  18. Alexanderc

    You're 12, never watched a single Star Wars movie/show - where do you start?

    Original trilogy are good stories, made millions of people fall in love with SW. That gets my vote.
  19. Alexanderc

    Do you mainly stream music or own it?

    As a listener to primarily classical music, the thing I miss the most when streaming is liner notes. Not just the names of soloists, etc. (that too), but the dozen pages of information about the music.
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