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  1. Lorenzo74

    Pass Labs HPA-1 Headphone Amp Review

    Image that everything tested in stereophile (John Atkinson measurements are still of great value to all of us ) is then sent by default to Seattle for amir’s assessment. In 12 months this world will be cleaned. No more smoke sellers (cables, heavy speaker, heavy amplifiers,…) and...
  2. Lorenzo74

    Is FR the only important measurement? Real life testing.

    Hi @cheapmessiah , Now that you open the pandora’s vase… at least you should bring JIM LILL to ASR community to let him get the deserved applause . I (we?) want to know his opinions and get him contributing to Audio Science. can you commit to that? Well done sir My Best L.
  3. Lorenzo74

    SMSL SU-10 DAC Review

    DSP and room correction. This is the future (KII, D&D,..) and much more relevant than Sinad…
  4. Lorenzo74

    TRUTHEAR x Crinacle Zero IEM Review

    “ Conclusions What on earth are you doing reading the rest of this review?” I went and Bought it. This is the trust ASR has gained. Those are the reviews we want to see. Affordable Excellence. Thank you for what you are doing.
  5. Lorenzo74

    Dan Clark Expanse Headphone Review

    Hi Dan, thank you for letting us asking you questions. I think many would appreciate to hear how do you manage without exposing trade secret to get so close to compliance curve. Are you able to control it, how and to which extent? Whatever you can tell us will be for sure super interesting...
  6. Lorenzo74

    Dirac on a 2.1 nearfield setup

    this set up present the challenge of desktop reflections. In my experience what make a difference is the distance between the speaker the desk and your head. try to manage early reflections (front wall, desktop, lat walls,…) can you share picture ( or drawings) , the step response and freq...
  7. Lorenzo74

    Topping DX7 Pro+ Review (DAC & HP Amp)

    “The product personifies dedication to excellence in engineering and design.” Well said Amir
  8. Lorenzo74

    Adam A4V Monitor Review

    my feeling is Amir and ASR community are involuntary going to change the design of the front Baffle of ADAM audio pro monitor based on Spinorama data. ADAM audio entry level T series has rear port not showing any cancellation and performs reasonable across the board. Between A5V and T5V the...
  9. Lorenzo74

    Carver Raven 350 Review (Tube Amp)

    Hi, thanks for the background. Very interesting, especially today when state of the art amplifiers are affordable and distortion generators costs many thousands of €/$… may I ask you two questions? 1) are you suggesting that’s better to take the BLU pill = “wonderful sonic character” of the...
  10. Lorenzo74

    SMSL D-6 DAC Review

    I believe this is not a smaller company and could easily acquire what you name larger companies…
  11. Lorenzo74

    GR Research Klipsch RP-600M Upgrade Review (speaker)

    @amirm you are a star... just sign it and sell it on ebay. you'll be surprised. by the way I'm puzzled that Klipsh marketing dept. didn't offer you yet samples of RP 500MK2 and RP600 MK2 (include prepaid return shipment) just to show how much they care of your reviews since (i feel) they...
  12. Lorenzo74

    GR Research Klipsch RP-600M Upgrade Review (speaker)

    Thank you @amirm , actually Klipsh released the RP600 version MK2. I wonder if you could get a sample of the new one since I wonder the opportunity of buying a MK1 and tune it with such expensive and heavy modification that will void warranty. Also the 500M has a new version. Both MK2...
  13. Lorenzo74

    Furutech NCF Clear Line Review (AC Optimizer)

    @amirm aren’t you happy? Also Masamitsu F. And Yoshio O. Are ASR members… (2 voted for golfing Panther) Best
  14. Lorenzo74

    Recoton RCA Cable Review (Ultra Cheap Cable)

    “Next time someone shames you that your RCA cables are too thin and dirt cheap looking, you can point them to this review to show that they give you all the performance you or anyone else needs!” Only This worth an annual subscription to ASR magazine… Fantastic!
  15. Lorenzo74

    Topping LA90 Review (Integrated Amplifier)

    Would be great for ASR members if You could arrange a (live?) video interview/discussion with Topping Chief Engineer. With Q&A session at the end. Anyone interested? As you said History is made today.
  16. Lorenzo74

    Bruno Putzeys reaches out to the subjectivists

    14th Jan 2022. @Bruno Putzeys could you pls help all of us to have Kii three with BXT tested by Amir?
  17. Lorenzo74

    Monitor Audio Silver 100 Review (Speaker)

    Pierre, your work is commendable. why not building a ranking of score/cost? we need to nail the diminishing return point. many thanks Lorenzo
  18. Lorenzo74

    Wilson Audio TuneTot Review (high-end bookshelf speaker)

    a score of 2.6 at only 10k€??? Why looking for a D&D 8C, a Kii three or a Genelec if you can afford a 2 ways Wilson… come on, we are entering into Stereophile world. @amirm are you ready for the challenge? great review best lorenzo
  19. Lorenzo74

    Mola Mola Tambaqui DAC and Streamer Review

    At 6volts the only harmonic visible is the third… at the roots of the Universe level of -130dB… John Atkinson certified what Amir measured on early 2020. State of the art
  20. Lorenzo74

    Mhdt Labs Pagoda Review (R2R Tube DAC) Dear ASR community, Pls enjoy above Readings… a clear example of subjective-objective uncorrelations… It seems signature, details, are the additional...
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