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    EverSolo Z8 DAC & Amp Review

    Google translate says: [ it doesn't have a torroidal xformer like the SMSL SU-10] a little tweaking with an external power supply (or internal if possible) with a toroid, good capacitors and ultra low noise components should make the sound better. I'm ok with the experience if someone help...
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    EverSolo Z8 DAC & Amp Review

    I'm talking through my hat here (a bit, as I don't know the company): BUT, the reference designs are likely very performative if they are placed on PCBs with proper shielding, grounding, and signal integrity techniques which is an art form (almost). If the company's EE's are experienced in...
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    Sony Xperia 5 IV Audio Review

    Convenience is important. I use a Quedelix occasionally with TruthEar IEMs. Even that is super good enough audio quality, but just the number of items + chargeable devices = annoying. Skiing is worse! I use Carv, a ski training AI-ish device with two small boxes, one on each boot...
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    Refreshing movies worth watching

    I definitely second "The Triangle of Sadness", its so good that its put "The Square" on my to watch list. "White Noise" with Adam Driver is quirky, funny. instant cult classic. I'm lucky to be living in the Boston/Cambridge MA area where we have several good "art house" cinemas. Love this...
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    An audio engineer explains why Dolby Atmos Music is “definitely going to supersede stereo”

    One big advantage of mono is your speaker budget just effectively doubled. In the 1950's audiophile systems were mono. Plus, arguments about 'soundstage' are cut short. ;)
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    An audio engineer explains why Dolby Atmos Music is “definitely going to supersede stereo”

    Yes, I remember Quadraphonic in the early 70's (1970's, not 1870's). I remember MIT undergrads (Hi!, Craig) using some passive network that did some magic (common signal phase shifted to the rear speakers, maybe) to simulate 4-channel sound. This was in between hacking phone systems...
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    You who have several sound systems, what do you listen to the most?

    I'm pretty low brow: mostly Spotify or surfing youtube, listening on a Topping D10 -> JDS Labs Atom -> Drop HD6xx (HD650 rebrand), all driven by my Windows (ugh) work machine. I have a DXT-Mon speaker build in progress, which is maybe my last speakers? Considering getting Dan Clark...
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    Topping E70 Stereo DAC Review

    Plus there is the whole "listening to music" thing (which I know can slip down the priority list).
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    The Truth About Music Streaming

    Impressive post. I'll take the time to read it carefully when work allows. Funny to see an Ipv4 packet diagram. I (and many others) used to live and breath the hardware/microcode details of all sorts of protocols and encapsulations. A lot of it has evaporated from my head. Thanks for...
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    SMSL M500 MKIII DAC & Amp Review

    Ooooh! Sexy insides! Love the clean, black silkscreen. Very serious looking.
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    Should I buy one?

    You might consider it as an experiment. I bought a Topping D10 a few years ago and haven't felt the need to upgrade, based on specs. I'm currently using it as my desktop for work and pleasure, coupled with an Atom headphone amplifier. A desktop system to improve upon what comes out of...
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    TRUTHEAR x Crinacle Zero IEM Review

    My pair just arrived yesterday, and Yikes!, they are good. Like really good. As in, my experiment with in-ear phones is complete. Nice to have good sound quality from laptop on the go without toting a lot of gear/cables around. Amazingly good. Just for the record, my benchmark is Drop...
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    Watches in the 21st Century

    My current object-of-lust is the Kelly Slater Superocean by Breitling. Clean, simple (no date window, thank God!), and expensive ($5k). Nice sporting watch.
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    Focal Clear Professional Review

    Good argument. A pair of HD650's plus round-trip air to Grenoble or Geneva would equal the cost of these. Or, skip the headphones and buy a pair of Black Crow skis (Solis is my preferred model) with bindings. Or, buy approx. 12 days of French ski guide services (in a group of 4)...
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    Focal Clear Professional Review

    They are French! Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite! A nice view of the Alpes and a glass of either good coffee or a nice Chardonnay on a mountain cafe terrace and these things will sound great! I am Jones-ing for a pair of Focal Sopra #1 speakers. I may have to settle for Focal speakers in...
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    Topping G5 Review (Portable DAC & HP Amp)

    Thanks. I'm thinking HD6XX when convenient and IEM for lighter footprint when needed.
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    Topping G5 Review (Portable DAC & HP Amp)

    I.Want. I can't hear much above 8k and absolutely zero about 10k. It would have to be a rifle shot or an explosion of some sort. Now, what is a good IEM in the under $200 bracket to pair with this? I love my HD6XX headphones, but they are awkward to transport. this might be my...
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    Chord GroundARAY Review (Noise Filter?)

    In one redeeming factor, the case design is kind of cool. A USB device like that would be worth something, esp if waterproof with a captive cap. hahahaha
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    Topping G5

    I like the industrial design. do you think it will drive HD650 and clones? Could be a really good travel / train/plane setup.
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    Serious, yet enjoyable Western canon literature

    Not deep in the Western canon, but I would recommend: Nineteen Eighty-Four (Orwell) plus Darkness at Noon (Koestler) I'm currently reading Down and Out in Paris and London (Orwell) and loving it. Maybe these are best characterized as English literature coping with/trying to understand the...
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