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    Class 1 Measurement Microphone 1/2", 1/4" vs class 2 calibrated

    Sounds good! What is the difference between 23 and 23R? Is the 30 worth it over 23/R?
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    Class 1 Measurement Microphone 1/2", 1/4" vs class 2 calibrated

    I have, its just that Earthworks doesnt even list the size of their microphones and they appear to me to be not as professional brand like B&K, PCB or G.R.A.S. They seem to me to be a middle grade company aimed at studio and live sound measurements while the above brands are general purpose...
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    Class 1 Measurement Microphone 1/2", 1/4" vs class 2 calibrated

    Any opinions on 1/4" microphones from G.R.A.S, PCB and Aco Pacific? I want B&K but that price is brutal, or should I just take a risk and buy used from ebay?
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    Etymotic ER2 vs balanced armature

    He even has penguin in his avatar like you! How many high post count measurement posters are there in headphone forums with penguin avatar? I thought for sure it must be you o_O :D
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    Etymotic ER2 vs balanced armature

    Wait, you arent csglinux?
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    Topping D90 mqa vs Benchmark DAC3

    I would go Benchmark. Measurements arent everything, build quality, reliability, customer service, warranty and not having snakeoil MQA are all factors which would make me go the Benchmark route. Topping are kings of chi fi but Benchmark is top grade pro audio company. I see the OP already made...
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    Scientists and Engineers

    I disagree that engineers are close minded. Yes, vast majority of engineering done today is very close minded way but this is not becose engineers want it that way, its becose their employers want good results fast and want to spend minimum money possible on RND, material costs and construction...
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    The science behind Stax's magic

    I dont have any speakers :( (semi suppressed sobbing) Speakers that measure same THD as headphones will have much lower THD when playing wide bandwidth signals such as music becose speakers have multiple drivers. Speaker woofer might have 5% THD at 50Hz but due to the multi driver design, the...
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    Subpac? ( tactile bass vest)

    Did anybody here try the Subpac? I am considering getting their new X1. Is it overhyped gimmick or is it good? I love the body feeling of bass, headphones dont provide that. If I had enough money live in place where I could play loud music, I would never ever even consider listening through...
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    Downgrading my Headphone Collection

    Clear to Elex is good choice but depending on how much you can sell the Clear, it might not be worth it. Hifiman HE6 is only good Hifiman headphone they ever made. H400 is absolute crap, this will be audible downgrade. DT1990 PRO same as above only to lesser degree, dont do it. HD800S sucks...
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    The science behind Stax's magic

    That is true, I wrote the same exact thing like week ago in one of my posts. We could go step further and say we dont even need frequency response graph, we just need impulse response. Here is the thing, humans are not robots. While impulse response technically contain all the frequency, phase...
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    What would you choose? Benchmark x2 or ATI Hypex based or Apollon Purifi / NC1200SL based

    If I had the money I would go Benchmark becose I am kind of a Benchmark fanboy. It has best measurements and Iike the professional look. The hypex amps should peform 98% as good, cost alot less and be much more efficient and cold, they are the rational choice. I only did short glance at the...
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    Hive Nectar electrostatic headphone

    That depends what you consider to be the target. I hate harman and I think its stupid. Just becose you get bass boost inside your average normie room due to pressure chamber effect does not mean that this is the pinnacle of frequency response which all other audio devices including headphones...
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    Hive Nectar electrostatic headphone

    Did anybody try these? I want Amir to measure them so much! From the measurements I saw and reports I read, these might be one of the best headphones ever made. Weight is not specified but in one report I saw one user saying they weight less than Hifiman HE400i and more than Stas L300, that...
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    The science behind Stax's magic

    Stax magic is simple, ultra low distortion + flat(ish) and smooth FR + flat and smooth phase response + quick decay + planar wavefront + low excursion to spl ratio. Stax with good seal have very low distortion all across the spectrum. Even with the stupid build in ports and with leaky pads the...
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    Class D amp long term reliability

    Depends on the usage. Many of these SRM 1 were sitting unused for long time which means they might have their original capacitors and still work. It is good idea to change the capacitors every 20 years even if they work to prevent catastrophic failure. Its like riding a car with old dirty black...
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    Apple AirPods Max Review (Noise Cancelling Headphone)

    When using them wired with lightning to 3.5mm adapter, does it convert the signal to AAC codec? The wired thing seems to me like an afterthought, converting digital to analog then back to digital and then again to analog is retarded. I would not be surprised if the chip inside was designed...
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    Class D amp long term reliability

    The number one factor deciding longevity of electronics is heat. Class D is by far the coolest class of amplifiers. That being said, I would bet on high quality class A amp to have longer mean time between failures than cheap class D amp with inexpensive off brand capacitors that also serve as...
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    Is the Fostex TH900 much better than the THX00's?

    I recommend checking out the other bio cellulose driver headphones like Audioquest Nighthawk and Nightowl iBasso SR1 and SR2, Klipsch Heritage HP3.
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    Is there a tube amp worth getting?

    Exactly, fuck the measurements, I cant hear stuff below - 70db anyway. Who cares about signal to whatever gobbledygook ratio from some ****** made in china tiny box when you can have this glorious golden behemoth!
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