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  1. Ra1zel

    B&O Beolab 20 Speaker Review

    All cool as long as you don't look at competition
  2. Ra1zel

    B&O Beolab 20 Speaker Review

    That's a rough one since factoring price competition just trashes on this with better measured performance, better connectivity, higher quality and EQ tricks.
  3. Ra1zel

    A Call For Humor!

  4. Ra1zel

    Focal Chora 816 Speaker Review

    I hope you understand that frequency response of a sub doesn't really matter that much, you can hammer it flat with DSP and it will play much louder anyway. My 18" DIY subs roll off by 3dB at 55hz in free space... but maximum SPL is 120dB at that frequency.
  5. Ra1zel

    Focal Chora 816 Speaker Review

    Until you realize that's only 25dB above treshold of hearing for this frequency
  6. Ra1zel

    Absent for a While

    One thing that makes me lose a bit of interest in ASR is moderation unwillingness to ban the "less obvious" trolls, let's say I observed that there are few accounts that display something I would call "passive trolling". If you look at for example user "uwotm8" and track his post history it...
  7. Ra1zel

    Hypex Nilai500DIY Amplifier Review

    It's time for us to to increase the measurement bandwidth to exahertz to finally find out the influence of stray cosmic rays on the millionth harmonic. Maybe this will finally satisfy some ASR dwellers obsession with the irrelevant.
  8. Ra1zel

    Most beautiful speakers in the world ?

    This was released just recently. Davone Reference One. Something about wide ovoid baffle seems very elegant to me, seems like this could measure very well aswell.
  9. Ra1zel

    Hypex Nilai500DIY Amplifier Review

    Since when KEF is made in US? ;)
  10. Ra1zel

    Aurorus Audio Borealis Headphone Review

    Price on that one is a bit insane tho
  11. Ra1zel

    How much impact does driver material actually make?

    What about diamond? Seems quite optimal for tweeters considering nothing has higher specific stiffness Either way foccusing on dome/cone materials is probably not very productive at this point. I like things like for example Bliesma with their very thin surrounds (look at SB tweeter then...
  12. Ra1zel

    What happened to the dark theme?

    Really wish dark mode had a bit better contrast
  13. Ra1zel

    Neumann KH420 Review (Studio Monitor)

    I'd say it boils down to whether you intend to use your speakers in near or far field
  14. Ra1zel

    Hypex NCx500 Class D Amplifier Review

    Perhaps, but most pro gear will output 10V no problem and any serious hi-fi preamp should too.
  15. Ra1zel

    Behringer MODs DCX Upgrade Review

    I will probably be seen as extreme pessimist but it essentially doesn't add anything of value yet deletes the nice feature of high voltage output, thus now being unable to push best amps on the market (benchmark/purifi) to their max potential in low gain.
  16. Ra1zel

    Neumann KH 150 Monitor Review

    Just a friendly reminder again that if someone decides to go KH150 instead of KH420 bass extension and headroom is not the only thing he is losing. Good subwoofer integration can potentially bridge that gap but you still give up that midrange driver that can play extremely loud and extremely...
  17. Ra1zel

    Neumann KH 150 Monitor Review

    It is but the way it radiates sound is very different and the relatively big waveguide boost efficiency down lower in frequency slightly. Anyway I meant that as package KH310 is not worth it over KH150 imo.
  18. Ra1zel

    Neumann KH 150 Monitor Review

    The midrange dome in KH420 is hard to beat, very sensitive driver with good power handling and waveguided on top of that, you can just play very loud without even realizing because it stays super clean and unstressed, all of it translates to impressively dynamic midrange experience. However of...
  19. Ra1zel

    SMSL D400ES DAC Review

    It's essentially featureless stereo DAC, nothing more, so it actually competes with much cheaper options with the same "feature set". It's 2 channels of conversion for 800 bucks. When you compare it to something like Motu Ultralite which offers 10 channels of DA conversion, mic inputs, line...
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