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    A Call For Humor!

  2. Puddingbuks

    Focal Solo6 Be Review (Studio Monitor)

    Pics and more info please!
  3. Puddingbuks

    Examples of good usability in hi-fi equipment

    Totally agree. And boy would I love to have a sl-p1200.
  4. Puddingbuks

    Just how legit is this person's blind test results?

    Why are there no blind reviewers? Or are there?
  5. Puddingbuks

    ATC speakers / Monitors

    Their namechange from gearslutz says it all. Oh no, let’s not offend anyone, and have no fun whatsoever.
  6. Puddingbuks

    ATC speakers / Monitors

    Nice as in ridiculous.
  7. Puddingbuks

    Genelec 8330A x 2+7350A: worth upgrading to 8351B x 2 given the placement on desk?

    Get the 8351b. It’s a shame that genelec subs are so expensive. I mean a 7350 with an 8 inch woofer? The 12 inch is 3.000 euros, come on man! You’ll still need a sub.
  8. Puddingbuks

    Sonos Era

    It comes with a coupon for free shipment of your balls to oblivion. Get some real speakers, life is too short for bad sounding music.
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    Updated the tidal playlist, now also with many tracks from this thread: Enjoy. :cool:
  10. Puddingbuks

    Acoustic treatment with slats - before-and-after measurements

    Nice! If you add a 1,5x3 meter 15cm thick ceiling absorption frame/panel with polyesterwool, things will improve beyond belief. You will be in hifi heaven. Something like this, but then bigger.
  11. Puddingbuks

    The quintessential 80s pop song?

    This super thin sounding bass drum?
  12. Puddingbuks

    The quintessential 80s pop song?

    That the eighties were the best music decade ever.
  13. Puddingbuks

    Electric toothbrushes

    What really annoys me, is that electric toothbrushes have batteries that last 3-4 years and then you’ll have to replace the whole thing. I would pay extra for a model with easy replaceable battery.
  14. Puddingbuks

    The quintessential 80s pop song?

    Same movie, also a classic.
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