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  1. Da cynics

    Group delay produced by stereo

    Very interesting. Could be developed a bit more. By the way, a little hit speaker in the country where I live The speakers, marketed for TV with the...
  2. Da cynics

    $30K Budget - On the quest for my "end game" speaker

    Klipsch Jubilee… By the way, how much is this system that Mr @Bjorn has hinted at several times?
  3. Da cynics

    Looking for great PC nearfield speakers that can play low-quality sources (Spotify & YouTube)

    How about this?
  4. Da cynics

    Epos es14n with 7 inch midwoofer, directivity??

    Thank you very much for taking the time to do this. problem inherent in waveguides...
  5. Da cynics

    Epos es14n with 7 inch midwoofer, directivity??

    About Waveguides Some people do not like it. And some people who do good work. @Dennis Murphy @kimmosto I would like to hear your opinion
  6. Da cynics

    Magnepan LRS in the house!
  7. Da cynics

    Why are there so few omnidirectional speakers?

  8. Da cynics

    ATC speakers / Monitors

    Why is a speaker that is likely to be less than excellent at controlling directivity and suppressing diffraction so attractive? I would like to hear scientific reasoning as to why it is not a psychological factor. That would be a step forward from the enforcement of the factors we know so far.
  9. Da cynics

    Belden ICONOCLAST XLR Cable Review

    It could some sort of The principle of a lever
  10. Da cynics

    New MMT from Dennis Murphy with SOTA drivers!
  11. Da cynics

    Tom Danley’s new ‘Hyperion’

    A more 'realistic' and interesting model Not much to talk about...
  12. Da cynics

    The science - big speaker, small room

    Is it the same situation as closed back headphones in a way?
  13. Da cynics

    Raw driver reviews with measurements?
  14. Da cynics

    Best Speakers (Studio Monitors) to Hear Reverb

    Either "room reverberation and directional control" or "emphasis on specific frequency bands" is probably the correct answer. If none of these are correct, what is the logic behind the difference?
  15. Da cynics

    Wilson Audio TuneTot Review (high-end bookshelf speaker)

    High-quality drivers and ultra-stiff enclosures...
  16. Da cynics

    ASR recommendations should take price into account, and shouldn't only be based on the subjective test.

    It is a scientific attitude that does not take into account the price...
  17. Da cynics

    Wilson Audio TuneTot Review (high-end bookshelf speaker)

    Mere imagination Some high-end manufacturers know that flat frequency response, controlled directivity, elements that seduce people different from this somewhat established standard ...?
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