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  1. GWolfman

    1More Sonoflow NC Headphone Review

    Am I right in assuming that you’re referring to wired OOB performance (with electronics off)? Thanks(!), and nice surprise for performance.
  2. GWolfman


    @amirm I wish you didn’t have to waste your time testing these, but unfortunately some people just don’t know!
  3. GWolfman

    Eleven XIAudio Broadway Headphone Amp Review

    I’d still go UPS and another brand and save a ton of money!
  4. GWolfman

    Revel C763L In-ceiling Speaker Review

    Interesting speaker. Glad the small size doesn’t kill it, but the trough is in a pretty critical frequency range. Thanks Amir for the extra efforts in measuring this odd duckling.
  5. GWolfman

    CSS Criton 1TD-X Kit Speaker Review

    Do the sharp edges of the box account for some of the directivity errors?
  6. GWolfman

    Aurorus Audio Borealis Headphone Review

    For the price I’d expect something that offers a lot more, especially since this borderline requires EQ. I’ll for sure pass. Thanks Amir!
  7. GWolfman

    EverSolo Z8 DAC & Amp Review

    Don’t go easy @amirm, we want PEQ too!
  8. GWolfman

    HEDD Type 20 MK2 Monitor Review

    That’s fantastic! I wish we had this as the norm.
  9. GWolfman

    ifi iPurifier3 USB Filter Review

    Nice to see there’s some truth to their product. Too bad a proper DAC doesn’t need it, so no one should need to buy it. I’m fine with that.
  10. GWolfman

    ZeroSurge 2R15W Surge Protector Review

    Oh come on, this isn’t ElectroBOOM!
  11. GWolfman

    ZeroSurge 2R15W Surge Protector Review

    But if you’re having to trust them on their word, then why would they put filtering capability on the box. That doesn’t warm my heart (especially on those grounds).
  12. GWolfman

    Hypex NCx500 Class D Amplifier Review

    Thanks @amirm! Too bad for the rising distortion, otherwise fantastic.
  13. GWolfman

    Totem Acoustics Rainmaker Speaker Review

    Deadmau5 is bau5 Lol, thanks. Always nice to see a new brand/designer.
  14. GWolfman

    JBL 708i Monitor Review (DSP: Part 2)

    Next year’s model will be a DIY kit where user selects the crossover components! Shame on them for leaving too much to be decided by the end user.
  15. GWolfman

    Schiit Fulla E DAC & Amp Review

    Almost voted poor due to the bug, but kept it as is since it's already fixed. I hope these are able to be firmware-upgraded by the users. Is that the case?
  16. GWolfman

    Marantz NR1510 AVR Review

    That's true dedication sir! Thank you. :D
  17. GWolfman

    RME ADI-2/4 Pro SE - RIAA mode measurements

    Thanks for sharing! I was trying to figure out if it was worth the money or not. Maybe when I get into recording/capturing content I can justify the price.
  18. GWolfman

    Neumann KH 150 Monitor Review

    Wow. A refreshing find! Glad to see a company dispell all the voodoo and make a product to show for it.
  19. GWolfman

    Paris Audio Video Show 2022

    Thanks for sharing!
  20. GWolfman

    Monoprice DAC & Amp Dongle Review

    Not terrible, but they downgrade for inaccurate specs. Thanks Amir!
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