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  1. Enchy

    Snake Oil Department, Top This Pretty standard cable nonsense, but I was astonished that it was to power Audioengine A2+ monitors. $5k+ in cables and power nonsense for entry-level basic monitors.
  2. Enchy

    In-wall Speaker Measurements (Monoprice THX-365IW)

    I have mine just barely overhanging the baffle. Basically just covering the area where the screws are. Not sure if this is good or bad, but I haven't (subjectively) noticed any issues with dispersion for my L or R speakers. My foam is pretty thin though, about 1.75"
  3. Enchy

    In-wall Speaker Measurements (Monoprice THX-365IW)

    Going to go ahead and enable Audyssey for the full range on these. I don't think I listen loud enough for the +5db boost it's putting on the tweeter to be damaging. I cap the volume on my Denon x3700h at -20db. If I blow a tweet though I'll report back! I did some A/B testing using both presets...
  4. Enchy

    In-wall Speaker Measurements (Monoprice THX-365IW)

    I used this post as guidance to help pick out a screen material. Bought a few samples to test and ended up liking the Silver Ticket WAB the best. Bonus was that I already had a Silver Ticket screen so I just had to buy new materials. His measurements at 4" for the material I got (grey is 1/48...
  5. Enchy

    In-wall Speaker Measurements (Monoprice THX-365IW)

    Interesting. That does make a lot of sense, more sense than the explanation I was working with. Thanks for the explanation. Either way, this is the only wall absorption I have in my room (currently). Placing it behind the screen is nice and convenient, and the mattress was $35.
  6. Enchy

    In-wall Speaker Measurements (Monoprice THX-365IW)

    It's to absorb reflection between the screen and the in wall speakers, from what I've learned in my research. It's also a THX recommendation.
  7. Enchy

    In-wall Speaker Measurements (Monoprice THX-365IW)

    Here it is as an attachment. This is the foam I bought.
  8. Enchy

    In-wall Speaker Measurements (Monoprice THX-365IW)

    Picked up 3 of these in the recent sale based on these updated measurements. Got them installed today on my front wall. AT screen going up as soon as I can clear a space to swap the material in my frame. Subjectively, they sound great! I've only listened to them in stereo so far but the imaging...
  9. Enchy

    [US] FS: Aiyama A07 with 32v power supply

    Used since May in my home theater to drive two atmos speakers with my Denon x3700h. Bought an amp for my fronts so I don't need this anymore. No known issues. I think I even still have the box. $60 shipped, paypal G&S or $50 local pickup anywhere near Tacoma, WA.
  10. Enchy

    Monoprice Monolith 10, 12 and 15-inch Subwoofer Review

    I'm also running dual 10s. They're great. I spent some time running REW measurements of the subs in about 45 locations in my smallish (13x13) room. Sorted through that mess using the averager in REW to find the two best locations I could scrounge up. After running audyssey then manually...
  11. Enchy

    Why Do Old Technologies Persist in Audio?

    Records are fun. Sitting on the floor by the fireplace listening to a record while holding the sleeve on my crappy 80s speakers is an experience I enjoy. It's not even a nostalgia thing for me, as I grew up in the post-vinyl era. The first record I owned I bought in 2015.
  12. Enchy

    FS: 3x RSL CG25 monitor/center channels $750

    Selling my gloss black RSL CG25s I've been using for LCR in my home theater for the past 7 months or so. Moving to in-walls with an AT screen, so these have to go. $750 for all three, or $300 each. Local pickup in the Puget sound area (I'm in Tacoma) is preferred, but I'd be willing to ship if...
  13. Enchy

    Starke Sound AD4.320 Review (Multichannel Amplifier)

    Glad I read this thread. I've been less than impressed with Audioholics ever since they started featuring that new AV integrator guy Don in their videos. Now seeing Gene act with the maturity I'd expect from my child when confronted I can happily stop giving them clicks and views.
  14. Enchy

    Snake Oil Department, Top This

    Of course! I should have checked the review history first. I just saw the break-in service and my jaw dropped.
  15. Enchy

    Snake Oil Department, Top This Pretty standard fare as far as snake oil cable companies go. However I've never seen one that leans so heavily into the breakin idea. "Our power cables take around 200 hours to fully break in." The best is that you can pay them extra to ship you used cables...
  16. Enchy

    AVSForum is Talking ASR Smack!

    If you want real smack, just search Zorba922's posts for mentions of ASR or amir. He really takes ID speaker reviews personally.
  17. Enchy

    Advice on power amplifier and upgrade

    The only reason to add an amp to your setup would be if you wanted to go to a 7.1.4 system. As others have stated you're probably best off doing either room treatments or getting a pair of better subwoofers.
  18. Enchy

    AVSForum is Talking ASR Smack!

    AVS owner threads are invaluable for getting help with setup and troubleshooting of AV gear, but I learned not to take speaker advice from that forum. The bassheads in the subwoofer forum know what they're talking about but the ~5 people who reply to every "what speaker should I buy" post just...
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