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    Recommend me a horn speaker!

    Oooh… I’d love to see a build thread in the DIY forum. I’m a total amateur speaker builder and woodworker. There are others on here with much more knowledge and skill then me. Still, my #1 piece of advice for getting a good painted finish on mdf is: don’t paint mdf. Iron on paper backed...
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    CSS Criton 1TD-X Kit Speaker Review

    Thanks so much Kerry! I am happy with them, particularly as a first attempt with raw veneer. As I said in my earlier post, I really like the sound a lot. My prior daily drivers were a pair of Zaph ZA5.2 (that design was also measured on this site). To my ear these are better top to bottom...
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    CSS Criton 1TD-X Kit Speaker Review

    Thanks! I have mine placed in a very suboptimal place (bookshelf speakers ON a bookshelf - the outrage!), so I’m not sure I could really evaluate Pierre’s suggestion. I am powering them with a NAD m10 with dirac and dual subs to good effect. Dirac seems to do a good job cleaning up the...
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    CSS Criton 1TD-X Kit Speaker Review I’ve purchased from them a number of times. They are great. Plus, customer service is excellent. Mike
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    CSS Criton 1TD-X Kit Speaker Review

    Totally biased opinion here (as I own a pair) but I think this is a pretty good deal. While there are speakers that measure better, this seems to be a very reasonable result (ie better than many speakers we have seen here). Subjectively I very much enjoy my pair. As to the value, I think that...
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    Most beautiful speakers in the world ?

    The real question is why can’t Dynaudio adequately flush mount their drivers? This seems to be a pervasive problem with the brand. Technical prowess aside, they look like slightly off diy speakers!
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    Any recommendations on diy speaker build kits?

    I recently build a kit from css ( which included a flat pack. Another option, maybe - Is there a local maker space with a CNC router? If so, you might find someone who would build the cabinets locally for a reasonable cost.
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    Free: Zaph ZA5.2

    Hello - Thank you for your interest. It turns out that my kids elementary school music teacher is in need of some speakers so I am donating them to the school. Thanks, Mike
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    Free: Zaph ZA5.2

    Hello, I have a pair of Zaph Audio ZA5.2 speakers that I am looking to give away. I built them in 2011 and enjoyed them for a decade. Lately they have just been sitting unused and so I’d like to find a new home for them. This kit (but not my build) was measured here at ASR and scored very...
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    Zaph Audio ZA5.2 DIY Kit Speaker Review

    Anybody in the greater Philadelphia/south Jersey area have an interest in this speaker? I have a pair that I no longer use. They have been sitting in a box for over a year and so it’s time to give them away (free, you just need to pick them up and promise to listen to them… I recommend a sub...
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    Most beautiful speakers in the world ?

    Yup! In position in the room they don’t stand out too much from a distance but when you get close there is a lot going on! (I know the positioning is not ideal, but Dirac does a great job cleaning up the effects of their suboptimal placement).
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    Most beautiful speakers in the world ?

    Not the most beautiful in the world, but I made them and I think they turned out pretty classy! I was going to make grills but my wife said: “What do those things do? They look way better without them!”
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    The kit we bought, our current setups

    New system time! I finally finished up my CSS 1TD-X kit. I am very pleased with how they turned out both aesthetically and sonically. I’ve got them in the living room. I’m driving them with a NAD m10. I also have a pair of RSL speedwoofer subs in the room, crossed over at 80hz. Placement...
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    CSS Audio Criton 1TD-X Build Log

    Well, brief update. Still loving these speakers. I don’t have any pictures of the measurements, but will say that Wolf was of course correct. Major bloat in the lower frequencies. That said, it’s possible that I am all about that bass. I setup dirac and tried things out with the stock...
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    SVS Prime Bookshelf Speaker Review (by EAC)

    Could this result be related to the baffle step compensation in the design? If they are designing for placement close to a wall (which is likely in a mass market speaker) wouldn’t this frequency response make more sense?
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    CSS Audio Criton 1TD-X Build Log

    Thanks Wolf! I know the positioning is not ideal, but it’s my only option in this room, unfortunately. I’ll say that comparing their sound in the current position to when I was testing them in the basement (with several feet of empty space around them), there is some bloat but I could live...
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    CSS Audio Criton 1TD-X Build Log

    Thanks for the kind words! I started to make the grills… But then I was fiddling with them and my wife said: “What are those for? Do we need them? They look so much better without them.” So, I immediately told my wife I loved her and stopped!!! I have done some listening and I am very...
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    CSS Audio Criton 1TD-X Build Log

    This project has returned! Life got in the way hard… started a new job August 16th 2021. It’s been great but demanding and when added to everything else, this project stalled. I had the day to work on things today and got them buttoned up. Finished crossover work (I am not good at...
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    Revel M105 Experiment

    A link that might be of interest. DLR’s article on felt and cabinet edge diffraction.
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    Living room system feedback request

    Ah, my ignorance begins to show itself! I did not realize that the TV remote might not control the optical out. I will need to investigate for my TV. Although it sounds like from what abdo123 is saying I would potentially teach the miniDSP to respond to the TV remote. That would dash my hopes...
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