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  1. devinrsmith

    Closed: KEF R3 Walnut color: No loner for sale…

    This is very similar to a build I'm thinking about putting together. Buckeye 2 channel NC252MP, miniDSP SHD, Kef R5. The tower speaker is essential for my build though, so can't use R3. If you happen to find a buyer who just wants the R3s, I'd be interested in the rest. GLWS
  2. devinrsmith

    Welcome New Members to ASR, introduce yourself here.

    Hey everybody, I'm Devin, a software developer; very knowledgeable around computer desktop and server hardware, but relatively green when it comes to AV software / hardware. I've been browsing and learning a bunch in the last few days. I wish this resource was available when I was building out...
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