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  1. shal

    75 years of JBL: 75 years of Loud + Clear!

    JBL, There are not all equals . My first one was L166 . Ok but not so much... excellent for mickael jackson but for classical... The second was the 4425, yes ! good ones but ... It's 12 inch woofer than cannot me forget my previous 15 inches speakers. The third 4430 (present in the image of...
  2. shal

    Classical Instruments: Historical or Modern?

    Hi, I am trumpeter too (it's one of my personnal instrument as avatar). For comparison between old and modern instruments, there is a short video on youtube by two serious guys: It's a comparison between natural trumpet and modern picollo trumpet. Personnaly, I played also piccolo trumpet...
  3. shal

    Monoprice Blackbird Review (HDMI Audio Extractor)

    Look HdFury like this The convert all hdmi in all hdmi (with conversion if needed like hdmi2.0 => 1.1 or paththrought or a lot of thing). And after you can used a standard hdmi usb converter to retrive image or sound with digital quality
  4. shal

    What is your stance on Chinese brand Hi-fi equipment

    Yes, But name-brand manufacturers have design with all needed protections and good quality-control. it's why, i have no problem with chinese product , they can as good as other. But I don't belived that product designed for low cost included all of theses protections. I am perhaps wrong...
  5. shal

    What is your stance on Chinese brand Hi-fi equipment

    My only fear about using low cost gear is not how many years they will live , it is more, if this gear failed, my speakers/amplifer will died with the gear ? Ok they are cheap, they have very good SINAD, but what if they broke ? I am more concerning by protection offer by device. It's why I...
  6. shal

    24/44.1 = High Definition ???

    I do exactly the same. I record my own concert in 32/96. Why 32 ? Because my sound devices MixPre 10II have a special mode for avoid any saturation even the level is too big. The result is a 32bit file but it's not realy 32bit of resolution (it's 24). After I cut my record in different file (one...
  7. shal

    PS Audio P12 Review Part 2: Power Testing

    Snake is a very good avatar for this kind of product : snakes haven't ears !! ;)
  8. shal

    I've owned speakers by.....

    Cabasse Jersey (my first) Cabasse Clipper (my first serious speaker, already owned by a friend) Cabasse Sampan (already owned by another friend) JBL L166 ( The root of the evil, high is not very good but the bass !) Tannoy Berkeley (The second daemon : 15 inch and a compression. very good but a...
  9. shal

    SMSL VMV D3 Review (R2R DAC)

    No hate for my part. I just see someone lost. Sad
  10. shal

    Purifi: which of these 2 cases is better?

    In the audiophonics description : So if you have place , take the big one (better for thermal control)
  11. shal

    tv screen, audio and subjectivity

    Hi, Today , I have my first big screen in my life (a 4K / 65inch) but it's not the important point. The speakers and audio system is exactly the same (my main speaker, my power amplifier , my DAC and my Linux PC as source). With this news screen , the audio of movie or series is very better...
  12. shal

    Humpify -- apply "ESS hump"-style distortions to audio files

    My bad, yes with a 24bit signed wav the produced sound is OK. Very quick test, the distortion is obvious at 60db .
  13. shal

    Humpify -- apply "ESS hump"-style distortions to audio files

    Hi, I use Linux. So I haved compil with success with the command line : gcc -Wall humpify.c -o humpify -lm But, I have tried several zoom_factor_db and the generated file is very bad: - zoom_factor_db 100 is white noise - but other setting like 0 , 0.1, 1 or 10 generate a very bad...
  14. shal

    Help with measurements for Tannoy Legacy Arden speakers

    I have owned during several years, a pair of Tannoy Berkeley that have exactly the same coaxial that the Ardens. And now I owns a pair of JBL 4430 . So I known both world. And they are not the same world. The Tannoy is a very large and deep sound. Always sound good with any music material...
  15. shal

    Class A amplifier

    Perhaps in the Patent ?
  16. shal

    True?? An "optical break" in network cable can improve SQ

    Missing word for concordance with figure: "All Priests Should Take No Lustful Dxxxxx Pleasures" You seems to forgot something ;)
  17. shal

    What do you want to see from Topping..?

    Welcome in the Topping Marketing director nightmare :eek: ;)
  18. shal

    Master Thread: Are measurements Everything or Nothing?

    Hi, As trumpeter I am agree. When I am (more)young , I have personally overweighted my mouthpiece with lead o_Oso I understand what you said Science is more and more present in instrument making. Yamaha is one of the big maker , based more and more on computer modelisation. But little maker...
  19. shal

    Simple methodology for dummies to measure power needed ?

    Hi, I found that it is difficult to know how many watt of power I have need for my setup. I try to image a simple method to measure it. For me standard methods are weak to have good confidence : - by computing: my speaker are 93db (really?) I want to listen at max at 90db(perhaps) but I have...
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