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  1. Rayman30

    Topping A30Pro Review (Balanced Headphone Amp)

    Fingers crossed, my A30Pro D30Pro is going strong, could someone link to replacement fuses? I may still opt to have them around.
  2. Rayman30

    What headphone(s) do you own ?

    Something to keep me interested in the hobby, something different, and something to justify the amount of amps and dacs I have all over the place.
  3. Rayman30

    What headphone(s) do you own ?

    I have been using LCD-X, LCD2 Closed and Sennheiser HD650, but I have been thinking about something different to compliment what I have. Any recommendations for something different? I was thinking maybe Argon T60?
  4. Rayman30

    Dan Clark Audio AEON RT Review (closed headphone)

    The real question is how much power until the Aeon 2 Closed RT starts to have a sound that isn't lifeless and boring?
  5. Rayman30

    Topping D30/A30 Pro Stack

    Item no longer for sale, please delete.
  6. Rayman30

    Audeze LCD-X 2021

    Item no longer for sale. Please delete.
  7. Rayman30

    Audeze LCD-X 2021

    Thanks for reaching out, unfortunately the combination of your haggle attempt, the realization of my potential financial loss, and love for these headphones have culminated in my nascent decision to keep these. I was already sad to sell them, even more sad to take a massive loss.
  8. Rayman30

    Audeze LCD-X 2021

    Price lowered
  9. Rayman30

    HD800S vs LCD-2 vs ? for EQ

    If you're used to LCD headphones, I would stick with them imo. Have you considered LCD-X 2021?
  10. Rayman30

    ~$500 for desktop upgrade

    Do you have plenty of room for regular size monitors? and do you absolutely require a sub?
  11. Rayman30

    Topping D30/A30 Pro Stack

    For sale is both a Topping D30 Pro DAC and Topping A30 Pro Amp. Both in excellent functional and cosmetic condition. Would prefer to sell as a stack. Comes with power cables and data cable (not shown) also original boxes. Will include XLR interconnects. $500 shipped and insured.
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