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  1. Snarfie

    Vinyl will always sound *different* than digital, right?

    One of the reason i changed early 90ties from vinyl to cd's is the complete silence on for instance Ahmad Jamal - Rossiter Road the delicate sounds whispers etc etc for the first time totally clear a mind blowing experience. Gave away all my vinyl records Never looked back again.
  2. Snarfie

    What headphones would you like Amir to measure next?

    Sony WH-1000XM2 Looks like ranked by the Harman headphone listener preference scores the best from the WH series.
  3. Snarfie

    The Case Against OLED

    Got probable the same plasma did replace it 3 weeks ago for a TCL Qled with directLED technology for just 450,- euro. :facepalm:When using the 43 inch plasma for around 1500 hours a year against 270 watt the TCL does the same job for 50 inch 85 watt HDR enhanced. The contrast is for us optimal...
  4. Snarfie

    Recommendation request thread

    Thanx for the info. But a bit too much for me. Did hear the sony WH 1000XM2 i was quite impressed when correction is applied.
  5. Snarfie

    Recommendation request thread

    Besides solderdude measuring the 710 i can't find anywhere a autoEQ.txt file for this headphone.
  6. Snarfie

    Best budget Harman tuned headphones? (JBL Tune 710, AKG K371/361, AKG N700)

    Hi Frans when using EQ will the 710 sound much or fractional better.? Did you use any EQ to make it sound better. If so what is your opinion.
  7. Snarfie

    Suggest lesser-known good Sci-Fi films

    Star Trek Next Generation last episode(s) All Good Things an Interstellar.
  8. Snarfie

    AutoEQ Magic?

    I use wavelett in combination with Jaako's AutoEQ setting for my JBL tune 510BT. What i like about wavelet is the linear alteration that can be made on the found correction which creates maximum transparency for your liking. This JBL headphone is for bass heads but corrected with the AutoEQ...
  9. Snarfie

    Room correction tool

    You can consider using Mathaudio room EQ you need than the systemwide solution to run it with Roon. Setup is simpel one stop solution. It is more or less apo + REW in one solution. You can try it out for free with foobar2000. I got great results.
  10. Snarfie

    The kit we bought, our current setups

    Thats a proper mancave what sort of music is played?
  11. Snarfie

    How to choose a new TV.

    Regarding OLED or QLED where one of the things i dove into. Most sales people i spoke to suggested it is quite personal what you find accepteble.
  12. Snarfie

    Your favourite music genres?

    Where to put Steely dan jazz rock?
  13. Snarfie

    How to choose a new TV.

    Did bought last week a new TV TCL 50C635 considered a budget TV. Went from a plasma TV from 15 years old 1K to a smart 4K resolution TV difference/experience is enormous. Basically bought this TV because of it positive reviews low power consumption (compared with the old plasma TV) it has more...
  14. Snarfie

    Anybody PREFER listening to music on bookshelves or tower speakers only (without the subwoofer)?

    I'm driving a pair of Vandersteen speakers first with 2 separate subs. Than i was making use of room correction DSP the subs became obsolete.
  15. Snarfie

    Is the entire audio industry a fraud?

    Quite a daunting task.
  16. Snarfie

    Make your own version/re-master

    These days you sometimes can find the multi-track of songs. For instance Ben Keursser publish on Soundcould the stems/multi track of Steely Dan's Kid-Charlemagne. So using this public multitracks/stems you can make your own version/re-master. Are there other members making private their...
  17. Snarfie

    Vandersteen 2C Klippel data by "hardisj"

    NAD C370 - Topping D10 - Mathaudio Room EQ - Lenovo Thinkpad with dockingstation an Win 10. Mathaudo Room EQ correct also phase so i did several measurements on several speaker bit older ones like Elipson 1303, JK acoustics Optima 1 speakers (both colum speakers so comparable with VDS B1) an...
  18. Snarfie

    Vandersteen 2C Klippel data by "hardisj"

    I have the 1B till now it creates the best imaging i ever heard. When using room correction they sound even more balanced. People that hear them are impressed.
  19. Snarfie

    What about AI creating (quality) music.

    That would be one of the benefits.
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