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    Advice for replacement of preamp

    Parasound NewClassic 200 Pre has a USB input for your computer. How are you listening via iPhone? Is it wired to your hifi?
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    Audio Bit Rates
  3. Apesbrain

    Interesting new Cambridge Audio streamers MXN10 and AXN10

    NAD is also releasing one of these at $349. Interesting as there is no app; you use the app for the source, e.g. Spotify, Tidal:
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    What are we listening to right now..

    ♪ Playing III. Allegretto by Liverpool PO/Vasily Petrenko from Shostakovich Symphony 10 (2010)
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    Audiolab launches flagship 9000 series Integrated Amplifier and CD Transport

    They left the slot-load mechanism behind which seems like a good thing.
  6. Apesbrain

    Hi resolution audio and extended treble response!

    My ears are not "hi res" capable.
  7. Apesbrain

    Could ChatGPT Replace Audio Writers?

    Pretty close! You'd need to teach it the specific idioms of audiophilia, e.g. "veils were lifted" and "wife said it sounded better from the other room". With the exception of #5, none of that reasoning passes muster. In what reality do "Vinyl records have a wider dynamic range than digital...
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    SMSL DO200 MKII DAC Review

    I owned an earlier, more expensive SMSL DAC and was bothered by the loose feel of the volume knob. Have they remedied that?
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    Who would buy a small android phone?

    Prior to the Pixel 6a I now own, I had a Pixel 4a which uses a 5.5" screen. I thought it was a good phone. Still available refurbished and can be updated to current Android 13.
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    General design stupidity

    Not a '73. That was the 2nd year of the "Gen 6" 'Bird which only came in a two-door coupe style. Same platform as Lincoln Continental Mark IV. The "Gen 5" Thunderbird (1967 to 1971) could be had with suicide doors.
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    value-for-money solution to drive 3x2 ceiling speakers

    One solution: - Connect Touch analog output to splitter: - Send splitter outputs to three small stereo amps: Use volume controls on amps to set maximum levels and get everything in...
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    Speaker recommendations to pair with a Bluesound Powernode N330?

    The SVS Prime is a good speaker rarely mentioned: 45-day home trial with free shipping and return. Should be a good match for your sub. Another interesting speaker is the HSU CCB-8...
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    New Lurker Needs Guidance

    While you're considering options, you might install the Remote app on your iPhone. At least you'd then be able to control your iTunes wirelessly.
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    Toe Dipping into Digital Music - Integrated Amp or DIY Stream with Topping DAC

    Consider a WiiM Mini with or without a Topping D10S DAC.
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    New 2.0 system. Overwhelmed by electronics.

    You might consider Yamaha's R-N803 stereo receiver. It has sub out, phono in, DLNA support, Yamaha's auto room EQ (YPAO), plenty of power; pretty much a "one-box" solution: NAD makes a few similar components.
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    If you got 42 mins to kill... SkyFi Audio goes thru their 30+ high end vintage preamps in shop

    Cool video. Interesting to see the different ways manufacturers have approached the design and building of a pre-amp. The physical setup of that shop is mind-boggling amazing.
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    Advice needed: classical music, budget ~$30k

    At that price point, I'd also listen to the Bowers & Wilkins 800 series:
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    What do I realistically need to drive a pair of 225w speakers?

    Your JBL speakers have been rated by the manufacturer to have a nominal 8 ohm resistance and to handle up to 225W without blowing up. The Onkyo receiver you are considering will deliver up to 100W per channel into an 8 ohm load. 100W into a speaker with a 91 dB efficiency will be very loud...
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