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  1. Steve Dallas

    Why do passive speakers still exist?

    I think he can't sell upgrades for actives, so he is predictably not a fan. I also think he is mostly best ignored.
  2. Steve Dallas

    Kef R Meta Series Release

    In the US, the R3s are $1700 per pair on sale.
  3. Steve Dallas

    End Game DIY Loudspeakers

    I have never posted about this, because I cannot find the thumb drive that contains all the data and photos, so I have nothing to share in that regard, but... I went down this road a few years ago, although my budget for end-game is much different than the OP's. I wanted to build a pair of...
  4. Steve Dallas

    Kef R Meta Series Release

    While the upgradeitis is always strong for some reason, I just hope this means the R2C will be blown out soon, so I can pick one up inexpensively.
  5. Steve Dallas

    Big news coming from Sound United in 2023!

    Budget is not the only determining factor in choosing surround speakers. Room layout, room size, family opinion, etc. are all factors. I am stuck with smallish in-walls, for example, and I can afford much better.
  6. Steve Dallas

    Denon AVR-X3800H Review

    I have a Denon 4700 AVR and a pair of SVS SB2000 subs and have no problems with auto turn-on. Let's not spread unsubstantiated rumors.
  7. Steve Dallas

    Wharfedale Linton 85th Anniversary speaker review & measurements by Erin's Audio Corner

    I found this interesting and tried to reproduce it. I cranked up my R3s to an average of ~82dB and could not hear hear it from my seating position. So, I queued it up again and put my ear near the left speaker and then the right speaker and could barely hear something like a resonance. I...
  8. Steve Dallas

    Kef R Meta Series Release

    I don't find them bright either. I find them to be very balanced. The measure a little hot starting at 10KHz, but my hearing is diminished above 14.5KHz, so I don't mind it. And spectral analysis has taught me there is not much content up there anyway in the vast majority of the music I enjoy.
  9. Steve Dallas

    How do you listen to music?

    By "hi res," do you mean above 16/44.1, or do you mean non-compressed, i.e. better than mp3? If the former, how do you explain those differences when the additional dynamic range is not utilized, and the additional information is above the threshold of hearing in frequency? Also, most...
  10. Steve Dallas

    Denon AVR-A1H

    Perhaps we are less aware as we are not into trawling AV forums? For my part, my 2 subs sit inside my LR speakers, so they are next to the AVR. My friend Bryan's setup is the same, as his room dimensions are similar to mine. My friend Alex has 3 subs. The front 2 flank the AVR. The rear 1...
  11. Steve Dallas

    With a Denon AVR-X6700H with Audyssey is REW with a mic still applicable for room tuning?

    I think so. Audyssey is a bit of a blunt instrument, unfortunately. I run the measurement routine with the MultiEQ app, then measure the results with UMIK / REW. From there, I tweak the target curve and sub levels until the result matches my target. As described above, I use Ratbuddyssey to...
  12. Steve Dallas

    Denon AVR-A1H

    I know these exist, but I do not know a single person who uses one, and the people in my circle are very much into home theater. I could not call that "standard" in my sphere.
  13. Steve Dallas

    Denon AVR-A1H

    AVRs are limited by their power supplies. Each additional channel drags all the others down. I have seen test results of some higher output AVRs such as this one produce 30 to 70W per channel with all channels driven under test conditions, depending on the configuration. Some manufacturers...
  14. Steve Dallas

    How do you listen to music?

    I am not sure I understand your meaning. I guess I should add... I have a very large CD library. All of those are ripped to flac if worthy of the disk space (Pink Floyd), or mp3 if not (Def Leppard). Sometimes, I enjoy taking a CD into the media room and playing it on the player and reading...
  15. Steve Dallas

    How do you listen to music?

    I have a large library of flac and mp3 (VBR0) files on my NAS and Amazon HD streaming. In my office, I use my PC running Dirac Live Standalone and use Amazon's player or foobar2000. In my media room, I either use my laptop in the same manner as above, or use Heos on my Denon AVR to play my...
  16. Steve Dallas

    SMSL DO200 MKII DAC Review

    The RME goes on sale a couple times per year for around $950.
  17. Steve Dallas

    Revel F208 at half-price or something else ?

    I think you should take a flier and discover a very good example of what Revel has to offer in its larger scale. I have both KEF (R3, Q100) and Revel (F206, M106, C25) speakers and love what both do so well. They are both very accurate in frequency response, but have very different dispersion...
  18. Steve Dallas

    Listening to music in multichannel mode

    Turns out my Sony BRD player is also a SACD player. I had no idea. I just ordered the Dire Straits 5.1 SACD hybrid disc you linked to try it out. I have had the original since its initial release and have always loved it. I am sure the CD program will be heavily squished and loud compared to...
  19. Steve Dallas

    Kef R3 distance from wall help. Also, good to pair with goldenear center?

    It is notable that Ascend does not publish a horizontal dispersion contour plot for the Duo V2 Center, but they do publish one for all their non-MTM centers, such as the Sierra LX Center.
  20. Steve Dallas

    SVS PB-1000 Pro or SB-1000 Pro Subwoofer for small room?

    I would plan on needing two of them to smooth out low frequency response in your room if your electronics will support them. A good friend of mine uses a pair of SB-1000 in his home office to good effect. I have a pair of SB-2000 in my media room (home theater + listening room), and they are...
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