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  1. tomchris

    Is the entire audio industry a fraud?

    DIY damping or commercial products? And to what extent?
  2. tomchris

    Paris Audio Video Show 2022

    Superb pictures. However, apart from the Focal Grande Utopia speakers I’m not really impressed with the product aesthetics anno 2022. I think we are [still] going backwards in terms of design…and have been doing so for years.
  3. tomchris

    To monoblock or not to monoblock

    Obviously preference. Separates vs. integrated. If you look beyond necessity, practicality and price, it is an aesthetic and a somewhat behavioral decision. It is like stick shift vs automatic. Just powering on a device, hearing the relays click, can be a delight, makes you feel 'in control'.
  4. tomchris

    Worst movie ever?

    You simply can’t expect Disney to produce quality the likes of Star Wars IV-VI or Lord of the Rings. It is just not in their DNA. The Disney decision makers extinguish every innovative idea and creative talent. But George ruined the franchise all on his own. IV was great, but I-III were goddamn...
  5. tomchris

    Akai GX-620 Reel to Reel Tape Deck Measurements

    Ah, the tacile design cues of old audio equipment. Did they ever make a reel to reel tape machine without solenoids, that is, with a 'silent' mechanism?
  6. tomchris

    Akai GX-620 Reel to Reel Tape Deck Measurements

    I am trying to locate a review index covering the japanese Stereo Sound magazine. Any ideas?
  7. tomchris

    SMSL SU-10 DAC Review

    SINAD aside, there is much differentiation to be made yet. Technical achievement is only part of the user experience.
  8. tomchris

    SMSL SU-10 DAC Review

    Congratulations! Amazing performance. I really applaud the achievement. I think we are seeing the limits regarding SOTA performance. Next play would be entering the DSP market. I know it is a long shot, but it would be quite a feat if SMSL and Topping made a DSP box disrupting the current...
  9. tomchris

    U.S.A.'s last cassette tape manufacturer spews B.S.

    TDK MA-XG came in 46, 60 and 90 minute lengths.
  10. tomchris

    Worst movie ever?

    Every movie Lars von Trier has made.
  11. tomchris


    Hmm, a modern dream system...Most of the stuff I am interested in is predominantly vintage equipment. For the most part, modern equipment is boring and not to my liking. Let's see what do you need: Media Player/Streamer → DSP/DAC → Amplifier(s)→ Loudspeakers Media player/streamer: iPad + Roon...
  12. tomchris

    What electronic audio products you want tested most

    I would like to see a review of BACCH-dSP stereo 3D imaging processing tool from Theoretica Applied Physics.
  13. tomchris

    Most aesthetically pleasing amplifiers

    Yes, it is odd that Audio Research chose to mismatch the colors of the OLEDs in comparison to their VU meters lights (i.e. green vs. blue). I wonder if they are configurable. In any case, the Audio Research frontplates are gorgeous as always.
  14. tomchris

    RAAL requisite CA-1a Headphone Review

    The headphone market has been whacked for quite a while. I believe the ball started to roll around 2004ish. There has literally been no real progress made other than coming up with the next boutique "flagship", steampunk infested headphone. More outlandish styles and exorbitant prices hightens...
  15. tomchris

    boXem Arthur 4222/E1 Amplifier Review

    A fine minimalistic monoblock from BoXem | Audio with AudioSense feature and the power button on the back. Performance looks great - as expected. The Hypex power supply lacking 70V is a known issue. Both Hypex and Purifi have yet to release a SMPS outputting 70V. Although, I do believe that...
  16. tomchris

    Kenwood L-08M Monoblock Amplifier (Vintage Review)

    The Absolute Sound…Abysmal layout, awful pictures and apalling reviews + pictures of trees as page filler:facepalm: I have always wondered how the Japanese magazine Stereo Sound fared in comparison.
  17. tomchris

    Old equipment: sell or collect

    What are the best European sites to sell old hi-fi equipment?
  18. tomchris

    Kenwood L-08M Monoblock Amplifier (Vintage Review)

    I really like to see the Sigma Drive tested and measured after Peter from QuirkAudio has checked and tweaked it.
  19. tomchris

    Sound stage depth?

    Not going too much into theory, we have the following framework for stereo sound reproduction: - We have two ears (sound localization due to ear shape and time & level differences between ears) - Stereo loudspeakers (sound wave reproduction due to frequency response, directionality, blend...
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