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  1. MaxBuck

    Reasons to doubt your noggin

    Wives can do that.
  2. MaxBuck

    Brand You Covet

    If I had $20k disposable to spend on speakers, I'd want to at least seriously audition the following, in my home listening space: Dutch & Dutch 8C Genelec 1235A and 8361A Neumann KH420 Sigberg Manta Mesanovic RTM10 Kii Three GGNTKT M2 Philharmonic BMR HT Tower Focal Sopra 2 Magico A5 KEF LS60...
  3. MaxBuck

    Focal Aria with Polk Legend centre?

    Is that a Sub Woofer in the photo?
  4. MaxBuck

    Advice wanted: Taking over an HiFi Store

    A friend of mine had a hifi store for many years. Morphed into a home theater store. Damn good thing his wife is a money manager with strong 6-figure+ income to offset his losses. He's retired now; she isn't. I'm quite certain their net income has doubled.
  5. MaxBuck

    Wine thread - what are you enjoying?

    I really dislike them, since you asked. :oops:
  6. MaxBuck

    Does it make sense to recommend integrated amps any more?

    I've never thought "integrated" amplifiers were a good idea. But that's just me.
  7. MaxBuck

    Wine thread - what are you enjoying?

    Just finished a bottle of Duckhorn 2019 cabernet. Delicious. I have to say, though, that I'm increasingly dismayed at the decision by many California producers to release cabernet very early - as young as two years after harvest (Caymus 2020 has been available for several months now)...
  8. MaxBuck

    Most aesthetically pleasing amplifiers

    I have to admit I kind of like the looks of darTZeel and Dan D'Agostino stuff, though I'd never allow it in my system.
  9. MaxBuck

    NAD M23

    It occurred to me, while re-reading this thread, to ask myself whether I'd take the M23 in trade straight-up for my C298. And I wouldn't. It wouldn't be worth the time and hassle of removing and replacing the speaker and input interconnects. The M23 is certainly prettier, though. ETA: I...
  10. MaxBuck

    NAD M23

    I'm so happy you think so.
  11. MaxBuck

    Any of y'all ever tripped a breaker?

    If you've ever owned a SAE MkIIIC power amplifier, you've probably tripped a breaker. I owned one. So, there's your answer.:oops:
  12. MaxBuck


    Whenever this business of "pride of ownership" comes up, my brain fogs over a bit. To the extent I have pride about anything in my life, it's entirely unrelated to anything I own. It may be accomplishments, it may be care for less fortunate people, it may even be living life ethically (as I...
  13. MaxBuck

    GR Research B24 AC Cord Review

    I regard having my posts flagged "for moderator review" on other audiophile sites as a badge of honor. And one site banned me altogether. This site is another matter entirely.
  14. MaxBuck

    Is the entire audio industry a fraud?

    Thank you for the explanation. Guys like you are what make this site so great - and Amir, of course! :)
  15. MaxBuck

    Is the entire audio industry a fraud?

    OK, but what does it DO?
  16. MaxBuck

    Is the entire audio industry a fraud?

    What exactly does it do? Can it be explained without reference to either Niels Bohr or Max Planck?
  17. MaxBuck


    In all honesty, I've had such poor experiences with longevity of USB cables that I can't really criticize people who buy "audiophile" USBs simply in the hopes of finding something they don't need to replace in 6 months.
  18. MaxBuck

    Is the entire audio industry a fraud?

    Theoretica Applied Physics BACCH-SP adio Stereo Purifier Uh-huh.
  19. MaxBuck

    Bluesound Node vs Volumio primo

    Since one can easily control the Node using a dirt cheap Android tablet, this reasoning has never made sense to me.
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