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  1. Racheski

    All Aboard the FiiO K9 Pro Hype Train

    I was offered a presale price of 700-800 from FiiO.
  2. Racheski

    Violectric HPA V550 Pro Review (Pre-amp/Headphone Amp)

    For nearly $3k they should be able to figure out front-panel gain & pre-amp switches.
  3. Racheski

    Beyerdynamic DT 880 600 Ohm Review (Headphone)

    These were unofficially voted the most beautiful headphone design by ASR members as well
  4. Racheski

    Measurement Elision.

    You already posted your vague complaints in the product page. Take a break and move on.
  5. Racheski

    ASR Review & Measurement Dashboards 2.0

    We have a process to update existing data, but are focused on the backlog right now. Are you able to volunteer to help with the data entry?
  6. Racheski

    ASR Review & Measurement Dashboards 2.0

    Power BI Pro is $9.99/month per user (we only have 1 user), and Publish to Web is free. Power BI Desktop is free as well.
  7. Racheski

    ASR Review & Measurement Dashboards 2.0

    I'm excited to announce the re-launch of the ASR Review & Measurement Dashboards! Audio Electronics Review & Measurements Index Speaker Review & Measurements Index Headphone Review & Measurements Index Building off of the previous work by the ASR data team, the new Dashboards have a much...
  8. Racheski

    Review tables are down for all reviews

    This is probably the root cause. Adding* into your allowed URLs will probably fix the issue.
  9. Racheski

    Review tables are down for all reviews

    Is it possible to generate the error again and zoom out on the page so we can see the entire image of the error?
  10. Racheski

    Electronics analysis problems

    Should be fixed now :)
  11. Racheski

    Abyss AB-1266 Phi TC Review (Headphone)

    And the TH900MK2 since it's on your extensive list :)
  12. Racheski

    Sivga Phoenix Review (headphone)

    They look like a circular cup version of the SendyAudio Aiva ...Maybe they helped design these?
  13. Racheski

    Developer Help With Review Index/Search

    Interesting...have you done any development work on data analysis projects?
  14. Racheski

    Solving a ground loop

    Use the optical in on the D50s instead of the USB input.
  15. Racheski

    Help! PlayStation 5 audio setup issues.

    JDS Labs customer service is amazing. They offer to install the UAC1 firmware for free by request! You can connect the Atom DAC directly to your speakers via RCA out.
  16. Racheski

    Looking for a straight barebones DAC

    Ah yes good point. It is the 9038q2M. Close enough :cool:
  17. Racheski

    Looking for a straight barebones DAC

    Well it is an arbitrary requirement that will make your search much more difficult and expensive than necessary. But if you insist, here is your answer SMSL SU-8 V2 You won’t find anything cheaper unless it is used.
  18. Racheski

    Looking for a straight barebones DAC

    If the DAC is transparent why is the make and model of the D/S chip relevant?
  19. Racheski

    MQA Deep Dive - I published music on tidal to test MQA

    Actually yes, because lossless is not a subjective concept, and when one gets down to the very basic idea, it’s not that complicated. I don’t understand what that has to do with cable companies making subjective claims.
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