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    Equalization in Roon vs. RME ADI-2? Which is better?

    As I mentioned already I do agree they did a fairly good job here, but that doesn't mean some UI constructs are more complex than they could be. There's definitely some room for improvement there, beyond RTFM. I think the RME is the only hardware device I've ever had or built for which, after...
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    Arbitrary Shape Room Mode Simulator

    @NTK thanks for this, just tried it out. Not a mathematician, so some questions; in general: how to interpret the plot? Like: is red cancellation, and is there a way to know which wall contributes to it most? The frequencies output for my room seem to make sense, in that some of the values...
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    Music with amazing sub bass. Anything goes.

    Sub bass & electronic: too much choices but dnb is basically invented for going nuts on neurotic drums, gritty bass, and body-altering sub bass :cool: These definitely make my whole house shake when the lowest notes hit. Enjoy the darkness. Bit more standard rolling bass but such a banger I...
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    Equalization in Roon vs. RME ADI-2? Which is better?

    Yeah.. The manual explains it fairly well, following it step by step should get you there in no time; that being said: I'm used to operating various hardware devices with controls like that so even after forgetting how it works exactly I can figure it out quickly, and given the amount of knobs...
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    Equalization in Roon vs. RME ADI-2? Which is better?

    It's actually 7 if taking the Bass/Treble ones into account which can be changed just like the others (minus some limits regarding frequency range etc). Still not 10, but depending on application it can be enough. IIRC the Adi manual mentions which types of filters are used exactly, and these...
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    Air Fryers & Pressure Cookers

    I have a pressure cooker and it works well, but I don't know any oven recipes which it could replace: different things. Preferred dish in the pressure cooking (when not used for just cooking stuff) is definitely dahl, in one of its many varieties. As far as energy saving goes: it's an...
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    Why DA/AD diff tests not getting the attention it deserves in measurements

    Personally I'd rather have them more complete and informative, like by plotting amplitude vs frequency for sine sweeps or multitone so that one can see if there are frequency-dependent effects; instead of one single number. And I'd like to read more about the exact methods used. Like: how does...
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    Artemis Launch

    Currently watching 'For All Mankind' it would be tempting to blame this series instead, were it not that it's too recent. Does shed a different light on some discussions in this thread though.
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    FM, any listeners left?

    Oops, last year I gave away a working (could use some component upgrades judging by its sound though) 2238B for the symbolic price of 50eur, because I wanted it picked up i.e. minimum hassle for me. Lovely machine, looks pretty much exactly the same as the one in the video. I still have a...
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    General design stupidity

    Had mixed success with touchscreen remotes for different devices, but where this should really be rolled back is in cars. Whoever designed this in the way it currently exists is, simply put, not completely sane in the brain. So you have a vehicle of 1 or more metric tonnes, driving at proper...
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    There is something very, very wrong with today’s music

    Probably beating a dead horse here, but you're merely describing most pop music, right?
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    RME ADI-2 FS Version 2 DAC and Headphone Amp Review

    Well, if people need DAC or DAC+HP AMP only, people can get that for like 1/4 of the price with equal or better sound and performance (i.e. measured), and offload DSP needs to a PC. How is that a waste, if those people don't need any of the ADI functionality anyway? In fact that would be an...
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    Ultra high end speaker manufacturers that rely heavily on measurements?

    Sure but perhaps there's a way to have the DSP not apply any corrections?
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    Ultra high end speaker manufacturers that rely heavily on measurements?

    After DSP you mean? But anyway: yeah you're right, I should not have generalized.
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    Ultra high end speaker manufacturers that rely heavily on measurements?

    Well put, might be ultra high price and shine factor, but doesn't quite translate to good measurements.
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    RME ADI-2 FS Version 2 DAC and Headphone Amp Review

    And the takeaway seems to be: many claims of sonic differences yet close to zero evidence erog measurements seem fairly sufficient (AFAIK. Didn't read everything, might be bias from my side)
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    Windows 11 must be stopped

    Sorry couldn't resist. But I'm actually genuinly interested in how you do this. Another thing I wonder (in case you would want to continue the conversation after all): since even the top-of-the-line military/industry/space grade hardware dies eventually, and in case of PC hardware that is...
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    Windows 11 must be stopped

    Can you elaborate how exactly you are doing this, and what your definition of 'knowing what they are doing' is? The default short description MS provides on updates is completely insufficient for this purpose, and doesn't get one much further than guessing that it's really just a patch, and...
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    RME ADI-2/4 PRO SE DAC announced

    Right, I'm actually using that. So: 8/9/10 bands then :) Thing is, I'm like 99% sure it's technically doable: since the device can do EQ in combination with loudness/crossfeed/... and those combined are not going to require less processing time than at least one PEQ band at anything but the...
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    RME ADI-2/4 PRO SE DAC announced

    Well ain't that just typical. Been waiting a decade to buy a new adc/dac, get a top of the line product, couple of months later a new version comes out :facepalm: Or even just 6, or 7, whatever still fits the CPU headroom.
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